Shehnaaz Gill Explains Her Idea Of Reincarnation And Rebirth After Death In This Viral Video: Watch Here

Singer-actress Shehnaaz Gill is away from the social media or any public appearance since the untimely demise of close friend/actor Sidharth Shukla. The Bigg Boss 13 winner passed away on September 2 due to heart attack. His untimely demise has left his family, friends and fans saddened. Shehnaaz is still grieving with the pain of losing the late actor.

Meanwhile, a viral video clip of Shehnaaz Gill wherein she talks about rebirth and reincarnation is grabbing lot of attention. The actress was seen on chat show, Social Media Star with Janice, in August. Now, an SMS unfiltered clip from the episode is out on YouTube.

In the video, Shehnaaz was asked by host Janice Sequeira about her connection with crows. This question is followed by showcasing a video clip from her BB13 days when she used to talk with crows in the controversial house.

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Speaking about it, Shehnaaz said her mother got her into a habit of talking to crows, and she has been doing this since long time now. Janice too recalled the time when her grandmother told her that departed souls are reborn as crows. But Shehnaaz quickly corrected it. She responded that when a human dies, he is born as human and not any animal.

The actress seen speaking in Hindi, “It’s nothing like that. Let me tell you, now that we’re talking about this. When a human dies, he takes the form of another human, never an animal.” When asked by the host how she was so confident about it, she replied that she read about it.

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This video gains prominence in the wake of Sidharth’s demise. The actor was a follower of the BrahmaKumaris, where it is maintained that souls take a human form again after death.

Social Media Star With Janice is a seasonal talk-show where she sit down with some of the coolest folks on the internet- From Bollywood Celebrities to New-age Influencers and YouTubers- to discuss all things GenZ and topical.

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