Tiktok Viral: Customer Accidentally Takes Jimmy John’s Tips Cup Instead of Drink

A Jimmy John’s customer says she accidentally took the restaurant’s tips cup and used it to fill up at the beverage fountain.

The customer, Daedra (@_alldae), posted a viral TikTok video showing her Jimmy John’s order, alongside the labeled tips cup.

In the clip, she explains that the restaurant cashier asked if she wanted a medium or large drink, and she asked for a medium. He told her to go get her drink, and when she grabbed her cup, she realized it was a large but didn’t think twice, assuming that the cashier was just being nice.

“He didn’t give me a large at all,” Daedra says in the video. Her camera moves to show the cup she had taken, and she adds, “Why did I take the tips cup?”

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The Jimmy John’s cup is labeled “tips” in sharpie and has a smiley face drawn on the side. However, Daedra notes that the cup was, fortunately, empty.

In the video’s caption, Daedra says, “I blame myself for this. I really wasn’t paying attention. Also there was no money in it.”

The accident prompted a number of jokes and even a comment from Jimmy John’s official TikTok account.

“bestie noooo,” the Jimmy John’s account commented.

“drinking that coin water,” one viewer joked.

“You’re in my thoughts and prayers,” another viewer wrote.

Multiple users questioned the cleanliness of a cup that was labeled for tips. Some claimed Jimmy John’s reuses its tips cups.

“I’d literally throw up money makes me feel so dirty I’m sorryyyy [crying emoji],” one user said.

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“yeah I work at Jimmy John’s and we don’t replace our tip cups,” another user wrote.

Someone else commented, “What if they kept reusing that cup and NEVER cleaned it out [crying emoji].”

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