18 Top OnlyFans Accounts With The Best Only Fans Models In 2022

Since its release in 2016, OnlyFans has become one of the top content-sharing sites featuring entertaining accounts and attractive models. But because the site doesn’t employ a search tool, finding the top OnlyFans accounts to satisfy your unique tastes can be a challenge.

Lucky for you, we’ve done the research and identified over 15 of the best OnlyFans models the platform has to offer. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, then buckle up, and let’s begin.

10 Best OnlyFans Accounts

Here Is A Sneak Peek:

  1. Best OnlyFans model – Sam Slayres
  2. Great exclusive content – Bella Bumzy
  3. Petite and cute – Kacy Black
  4. Mature OnlyFans – Zayla
  5. Playful, interactive account – Cup of Carli
  6. Best free OnlyFans – Haley Brooks
  7. Top Latina on OnlyFans – Riley Kwum
  8. Up and coming star – Maria Moobs
  9. Totally unique OnlyFans – Lucy Is Loud
  10. All-natural model – Emma Beehz

Here Is List Of Top 18 Best Onlyfans Models Accounts

1. Sam Slayres – Best OnlyFans Account Overall


Top features:

  • 940+ media files
  • Petite frame and warm personality
  • $3/month
  • Girl-next-door look

Sam might be what every guy is looking for, the neighbor next door who finally decided to take her gorgeous looks and rocking body to OnlyFans.

Along with her petite frame and fully natural attributes, Sam has an extra-bubbly personality that always leaves her fans wanting more. While she may appear innocent at first, she no doubt has a naughty side – one that occasionally leads her to unnameable places.

For just $3/month, users will gain access to over 900 sexy photos and 20+ pre-recorded videos. Better yet, Sam is known for being easy-going, friendly, and no stranger to DMs.

With over 350k likes on her OnlyFans account, it’s evident that Sam is one of the hottest models on the platform. If you’re looking for something different, or are new to OnlyFans, Sam Slayres is a great place to start

2. Bella Bumzy – Top Only Fans Model for Exclusive Content


Top features:

  • Natural redhead
  • 400+ photos
  • Hot exclusive photos and videos
  • $3/month

If a flirty woman with an amazing bubble bum is what you’re after, few OnlyFans models compare to Bella Bumzy.

This gorgeous, up-and-coming content creator has already managed to build quite the following, and with one look at her, this comes as no surprise. If you have a thing for redheads, Bella checks this box as well.

As you may have guessed, the majority of her content catalog is focused firmly on her voluptuous backside, and with attributes like that, who can complain.

With just over 400 media files, Bella doesn’t have the most content around, but if quality over quantity is what you’re after – you can’t go wrong with Bella. Her limited library is the result of her focus on exclusive content.

3. Kacy Black – Best Petite OnlyFans Model


Top features:

  • $3/month
  • Petite, cute and brunette
  • Exclusive videos for sale
  • Highly popular OnlyFans account

In case you haven’t noticed, Kacy Black is an outright babe – and with over half a million likes on OnlyFans – we’re clearly not the only ones to take notice.

Besides being drop-dead-gorgeous, Kacy is quite the prolific content creator and currently offers over 1,000 media files for her subscribers to enjoy. Lucky for us, the quantity hasn’t affected the quality. All photos and videos have Kacy’s petite frame and rock-hard body on clear display.

Of course, you can’t mention Kacy Black without talking about her exclusive video content, which trust us when we say, is more than worth the price.

In another life, Kacy could very well be a famous porn star; she certainly has the looks for it. Fortunately for us, she decided to take her talents to OnlyFans, where her page can be accessed for as little as $3/month.

4. Zayla – Mature OnlyFans Account


Top features:

  • $3/month
  • “Step mom” niche
  • Busty and curvy
  • Hot roleplay angle
  • 1,330+ pictures and videos

If you have any unfulfilled stepmom fantasies, it may be time to do yourself a favor and pay Zayla a visit.

Of all the models on our list, none fit into the ‘mature’ niche quite as perfectly as Zayla. Not only is she one of the hottest OnlyFans models we’ve come across, but she’s ‘thicc’ in all the right places and has a level of sex appeal that words fail to do justice.

Zayla offers more than that though, and her OnlyFans account takes on an interesting role-playing approach. Here, Zayla plays the part of a promiscuous housewife who lacks the level of attention she requires to satisfy her needs.

Fortunately for us, Zayla takes out these frustrations by posting hot bikini pics, sexy cosplay videos and plenty of cleavage shots that leave little to the imagination. Like most top OnlyFans creators, Zayla saves the best stuff for her exclusive videos.

5. Cup of Carli – Playful and Interactive OnlyFans Model


Top features:

  • $3/month
  • Slim and petite
  • Highly interactive
  • Very popular exclusive content

At 5 feet tall and 100 pounds soaking wet, Carli truly personifies the notion of petite.

But don’t let that fool you because Carli has a massive personality, one that lends well to her playful demeanor and infectious laugh. If you’re looking for an OnlyFans page run by someone who has no issue interacting with her fans/patrons, Carli is it.

A Cup of Carli subscription can be purchased for just $3. While this makes Carli one of the more value-packed OnlyFans accounts, her content can be a bit tame compared to other models on our list.

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With that said, don’t worry!

Carli has plenty of exclusive content for sale that’ll let you see everything the fun-sized cutie has to offer. If you don’t feel like doling out the extra money, a regular subscription still provides access to nearly 1,000 media files.

6. Haley Brooks – Best Free OnlyFans Account


  Top features:

  • Free subscription
  • Tons of low-priced exclusives
  • 800+ free lingerie photos
  • Plenty of HD content

There are few models with as much natural sex appeal as Haley Brooks, a gift she puts to good use on OnlyFans.

Most of Haley’s videos are shot in a short, TikTok style format which typically lasts around 30 seconds. Besides videos, her OnlyFans account is packed with sexy photos, most of which have her tiny waist and plump backside on full display.

A subscription to Haley’s OnlyFans account is 100 percent free, and once signed up, you’ll gain access to over 800 pics featuring Haley in a bikini or lingerie. Although the occasional slip does make its way through, all of Haley’s free content has her wearing…. something.

If this sounds like a drawback, bear in mind that most of her exclusive stuff can be purchased for $3 to $5 per piece – which for a lady like Haley – is a steal of a deal.

7. Riley Kwum – Top Latina Only Fans Model


Top features:

  • $3/month
  • Very curvy
  • Personalized content available
  • Plenty of lingerie shots

Few things compare to out-of-this-world curves, something Riley Kwum emphatically delivers.

Riley’s silhouette isn’t the only thing she’s got going for her. She’s known for her engaging personality and willingness to produce customized content.

If you’re a fan of busty women, Riley is easily one of the best OnlyFans models in this regard. That said, Riley’s ‘assets’ have no doubt been enhanced. While this is unlikely to be an issue for most, those who prefer a natural bust should consider themselves warned.

Riley deserves credit for her taste in lingerie, and she seems to have a knack for picking out bras and panties that perfectly accentuate her luscious curves.

8. Maria Moobs – Up-and-Coming OnlyFans Model


Top features:

  • $3 introductory rate
  • All natural
  • Photos & videos have amateur appeal
  • Tons of premium content for sale

The introduction to Maria’s OnlyFans account reads “let me show you my cheeky side”; a double entendre we’re sure you need no help in understanding.

One thing we really like about Maria is her au natural approach to beauty. If you’re tired of artificial enhancements and deceiving make-up, Maria is a refreshing change. What’s more, the model really knows how to flaunt what she has.

If you’re a T&A guy, trust us when we say few OnlyFans accounts compare.

With the way her photos and videos are shot, Maria Moobs has a very amateur look to her content. If you’ve grown bored of over-the-top production, Maria offers a nice alternative. Her photos make you think of that cute neighbor you wish sent you an impromptu nude or two.

For $3 a month, Maria is one of the best OnlyFans from a value standpoint. However, Maria doesn’t offer any freebies, meaning those who want to see her in a more hardcore setting will have to purchase her exclusive content.

9. Lucy is Loud – Extremely Unique OnlyFans Account


Top features:

  • Free introductory offer
  • Mute OnlyFans creator
  • Bubbly personality
  • Fun and highly interactive

For something you won’t find anywhere else on OnlyFans, we recommend Lucy is Loud.

Born without the ability to speak, Lucy claims her lack of voice has only heightened her other senses – something that becomes quite evident when you see just how much fun she can have.

One thing we love about Lucy is how her personality can change from extremely playful to downright naughty in the blink of an eye. She also seems to truly enjoy pleasing her fans, which isn’t hard given her perfectly round bum, flat stomach and goddess-like beauty.

You can give Lucy’s OnlyFans page a try for free. However, know that the free subscription leaves much to be desired, and if you want to see Lucy in a more 18+ context, you’ll have to purchase some of her exclusive video content.

10. Emma Beehz – Best Natural OnlyFans Model


Top features:

  • Free subscription
  • Excellent natural beauty
  • Customized videos available
  • 800+ free photos and videos

Emma Beehz, who goes by the name Emmy on other social media platforms, is a hot Only Fans model who just recently came on our radar.

With just over 80k likes on her OnlyFans page, Emma hasn’t exactly blown up yet, which is great for those who love finding undiscovered gems. Emma has a laid-back personality, and by her own admission, a penchant for being downright corny at times.

Nevertheless, the content creator is no slouch in the beauty department – and with her petite frame, amazing proportions and youthful exuberance – we have no doubt Emma will become one of the top OnlyFans models in no time.

You can access Emma’s OnlyFans content free of charge. A free subscription will give you access to over 800 media files, most of which feature her in booty shorts, a bikini or her underwear. While there are a few topless pics sprinkled throughout, full nudity is rare.

As you may have guessed, for access to that show, you’ll have to pay extra. It’s also worth mentioning that Emma is open to producing customized content for generous patrons.

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11. Daisy Dray – Best OnlyFans Account for Customized Content


Top features:

  • Free subscription
  • Curvy and voluptuous
  • Customized videos for sale
  • 100% natural

Daisy is a sexy brunette whose playful personality is matched only by her insane voluptuousness. If you saw Daisy pass by you on the street, you would no doubt double-back for another look.

Yes, she’s that hot!

If you appreciate high-definition photos that aren’t overly produced, Daisy’s OnlyFans content may be just what you need.

Because Daisy’s photos aren’t touched up and come free of filters, it creates a very intimate experience. Like any lady, Daisy has some stretch marks and skin blemishes, which she makes no effort to hide.

We don’t know about you, but we find that level of confidence downright sexy!

Compared to other content creators, Daisy doesn’t have tons of photos/videos available. Still, what she does have can be accessed via a free subscription. While a free subscription offers plenty of thong and bra pictures, full-nudity will cost extra.

12. Molly Sims – Hot Themed Content on Only Fans


Top features:

  • Free subscription
  • Plenty of hot content
  • Great production value
  • Affordable, exclusive pics and vids

Molly Sims is a rising OnlyFans creator known for producing some of the hottest themed content out there.

Much of her stuff is shot poolside or in her luxury apartment in a seemingly endless assortment of sexy outfits. While a free subscription won’t show her baring the goods, there’s plenty of quality freebies to go around – including several uncensored options.

When you consider this, it’s clear that Molly is one of the more generous OnlyFans content creators around.

You also have to give Molly credit for her photography skills. The lighting is always well-done and the angles she uses to show off her luscious bum in its full glory.

13. Samantha Ava – Best OnlyFans Account featuring All Women

Top features:

  • Introductory price of $4.50/month
  • Rating services
  • Open to customized videos
  • Plenty of ladies

For the whole package, you can’t do much better than Samantha Ava, one of the top models on OnlyFans.

Samantha lives in Bali, and to keep her beach lifestyle going, she offers one of the more eclectic collections on OnlyFans. For starters, she’s no stranger to girl time, and the naughty model is known for having her guy friend come around from time to time.

On top of this, Samantha is open to providing custom content and even runs a unique rating service that offers a level of interactivity you won’t find elsewhere on OnlyFans.

If you’re an aspiring OnlyFans content creator, know that Samantha provides a shout-out service for new models, which is a great way to get your name out there.

14. Kat Aphrodisiac – Best OnlyFans Account for Hardcore Content

Top features:

  • $4/month introductory offer
  • DMs and sexting friendly
  • Hardcore content
  • Custom videos available

Kat’s content really takes things to the next level and we guarantee she’s all the aphrodisiac you’ll need to get in the mood.

For those after some truly hardcore action, Kat is no stranger to going ‘all the way’ in her videos.

She also deserves credit for her skills, which she routinely puts on display. Needless to say, if you’re looking for a star-level performance on OnlyFans, few options compare to Kat Aphrodisiac.

Kat claims to love making custom videos, and if a bit of interactive fun sounds like something you’d enjoy, she’s more than willing to rate you (for a price of course!).

At the time of writing, Kat has just over 4k likes, meaning you can bet she’s extra eager to make you a fan.

15. Lola – Top OnlyFans Model for Group Fun

Top features:

  • $3.15 introductory offer
  • Group shots abound
  • Busty
  • Freckled blonde

Lola is another sexy OnlyFans model that has a habit of getting her friends in on the action. She’s also been quite busy over the last year making content!

To date, she has produced over 1,300 hot photos and videos for her subscribers to enjoy. One of the first things you’ll notice about Lola is her bright, blonde hair.

Luckily, Lola runs a wallet-friendly promotion of $3.15 for the first month. Once this trial period runs out, the monthly subscription cost increases to $9, which is still pretty affordable.

16. Victoria – Great OnlyFans Account for a Party

Top features:

  • $3.15 introductory offer
  • Lots of toys appear
  • Regular group shots

We love Victoria.

Not only is she super cute, but this model looks absolutely stunning in a thong. If you don’t believe us, head over to her page where the first month will cost you just $3.15. If you do end up subscribing, we have no doubts Victoria will make a believer out of you.

Although she may appear shy at first glance, Victoria is anything but, and the model has made a name for herself by producing some of the hottest group shots you’ll find on OnlyFans.

When she’s not getting down and dirty with one of her friends, the Miami babe has proven to be quite the avid toy user, meaning there’s always some serious action to experience over at her OnlyFans page.

17. Doutzen – Top Only Fans Account With a Wild Side

Top features:

  • Plenty of bum is present
  • Mostly women and groups
  • $3 introductory offer

Doutzen is a kinky one and has over 500 media files to enjoy, many of which include others. When she’s not entertaining friends, Doutzen fills the time with solo shows.

These shows typically get straight to the point and don’t leave any stones unturned.

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Given the rather extreme nature of what Doutzen does, she’s able to maintain a classy and creative disposition through it all, something we highly appreciate.

18. Rosalia – Extremely Naughty OnlyFans Model

Top features:

  • Hot mamacita
  • $3.15 introductory offer
  • Group and solo action
  • Hardcode exclusive videos

Before you get your hopes up – no, it’s not the Latin pop star. However, she is one of the sexiest Latinas on Only Fans, and with a naughty tagline, it’s no mystery what she’s about.

Like the last couple of models we’ve reviewed, Rosalia specializes in group stuff, which she does with a level of excitement most can only dream of. Rosalia is also quite dedicated to her OnlyFans page, and to date has produced over 1,000 photos and videos.

After an introductory period that costs $3 for the first month, a Rosalia subscription will cost just $9. However, to see her truly hardcore stuff, you’ll have to dish out a few extra bucks for her exclusive content.

If you have any doubts, trust us that it’s certainly worth the price of admission, and when she gets another lady involved, the result rivals even the more well-known performers.

How We Picked The Best OnlyFans Accounts

Personality and enthusiasm: If you’re spending your hard-earned money on a subscription fee, the last thing you want is a model with a poor attitude who doesn’t enjoy her work. Because of this, we only recommend models who do what they do with passion.

Quality: High-quality content is perhaps the most important metric when reviewing OnlyFans models. With each account, the first thing we do is make sure they offer well-done stuff from A to Z, whether for free or within their exclusive collections.

Price: We’ve done our best to include affordable accounts on our list. Even more, we’ve given preference to models who offer users free media to see what they’re all about before subscribing.

Variety: We understand our reader-base has differing tastes and preferences, and as a result, we tried to include a little something for everyone.

Top OnlyFans Models FAQs

Do Any of the Best OnlyFans Models Offer Free Subscriptions?

Yes, some of the best OnlyFans models do offer free subscriptions.

Most free OnlyFans accounts operate on a pay-to-play basis, meaning that while there’s no fee for subscribing, most of the free content doesn’t include any nudity. Instead, those looking to see models bare-all will have to purchase exclusive videos or personalized content for the luxury.

For our money, the hottest models offering a free subscription are Haley Brooks, Molly Sims and Lucy is Loud.

What Type of Content Is Offered on OnlyFans?

The type of content offered on OnlyFans is widely varying, but Only Fans is most strongly geared towards user-generated adult stuff.

Initially, the standard OnlyFans creator was someone who wanted to make a little extra money by selling sexy content of themselves. In recent years, this has changed, and there’s no shortage of reality TV and porn stars who’ve decided to make OnlyFans their home.

How Do I Find My Favorite OnlyFans Models?

The best way to find your favorite OnlyFans models is by using our list above because the platform lacks a search tool.

It also depends on what you’re after. If you’re just looking for the top OnlyFans stars or a reality TV star, a simple Google search is likely to suffice. Finding lesser-known independent creators can be more difficult.

Can I Search OnlyFans Accounts by Region?

No, you can’t search OnlyFans accounts by region because OnlyFans doesn’t have a search function. The platform claims this decision was made to protect the privacy of content creators.

That said, there are several third party search tools, although their effectiveness can vary.

Do I Get to Keep Any Exclusive Content I Purchase on OnlyFans?

Yes, you do get to keep any exclusive content you purchase on OnlyFans, insofar as being able to access that media regularly via the site.

Even if you unsubscribe from an OnlyFans account, you’ll still be able to access any content you previously purchased. However, be aware that OnlyFans doesn’t provide users with the ability to download purchased photos and videos.

The platform does this to protect OnlyFans creators and stop people who may download said photos and videos from posting them on other social media platforms or porn sites.

How To Get Started With an OnlyFans Account

Opening an account with OnlyFans account is simple and can be done in just a few quick steps.

1. Click Sign Up
The only thing you need to provide to open an OnlyFans account is an email and password.

2. Confirm Email
Once you’ve provided your login credentials, OnlyFans will shoot you a confirmation email. Once received, click the link to confirm your email.

3. Log In and Enjoy
Now that you’ve confirmed your email, you’re free to log in and start enjoying some of the hottest content on the internet.

Final Thoughts on the Best OnlyFans Accounts

With hotties like Sam Slayres, Kacy Black and Bella Bumzy, more people than ever are turning to OnlyFans for their adult entertainment needs.

Additionally, people are finding the independent and intimate nature of OnlyFans superior to modern porn sites.

If you want to get in on the action, there’s no better time than now!

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