Stephen Thompson Author of Sitting in Limbo Cause Of Death Wiki Biography

Stephen Thompson, the writer of the BAFTA-winning drama, ‘Sitting in Limbo’ died at the age of 56. He was an acclaimed novelist of Jamaican descent. The man had achieved milestones throughout his career. Stephen’s first novel titled “Toy Soldiers” was published in 2000. It was just one of his many novels that gained recognition. Stephen’s untimely death has shaken many people to the core as out of everything to happen this year, they were not expecting this. Tributes have poured in for the writer on social media. Here is what we know about it.

Stephen Thompson Author of Sitting in Limbo

Taking to Twitter, Krish Majumdar wrote that he is absolutely devastated to hear about the loss of a blazing talent, a dear friend and colleague. Krish added that he feels lucky to have known Stephen S. Thompson and bathed in his brilliance. BAFTA also announced the saddening piece of news on Twitter. It was stated that they are so sorry to hear of the passing of Stephen and called him a brilliant screenwriter who won a TV BAFTA for Single Drama titled Sitting in Limbo and was even nominated for Emerging Talent: Fiction in 2021. They shared their thoughts with his family and friends.

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As per sources, Thompson wrote “Sitting In Limbo,” a feature-length drama, in response to his brother Anthony Bryan’s fight against deportation during the Windrush crisis, a British political controversy in which many immigrants from Caribbean countries who arrived in the UK before 1973 were imprisoned and deported. The film, directed by Stella Corradi and starring Patrick Robinson, and produced by Left Bank Pictures, was broadcast on BBC One in June 2020 and won the BAFTA for Best Single Drama.

Thompson was the editor and publisher of the online literary journal The Colverstone Review and had written for publications such as The Observer, The Voice, Wasafiri, Five Dials, and Arena Magazine. He taught screenwriting at Central Film School in London and lectured on creative writing at Winchester University, Birkbeck College, and the University of Edinburgh. “Stephen passed away on Thursday 26th May following a brief battle with cancer,” his family announced in a statement.

He fought bravely to beat the odds after being diagnosed just a month before, but in the end, he spent his final weeks at home, getting end-of-life care, as was his wish. Stephen maintained his characteristic will to live throughout this period. In the end, though, his body was unable to match the strength of his indomitable mind, and he died peacefully surrounded by love due to the rapid spread of his disease.

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