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The Girl In The Mirror Release Date, Cast, Daily Research Plot

Until recently, horror-mystery was undoubtedly among the most different genres in the world. Everyone enjoys the thrill rush of horror movies and genuine terrifying stories that keep you up at night. To meet your need/ demand for nightmare fuel, Netflix will soon release a riveting Horror-mystery series titled The Girl in the Mirror on its platform.

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Sergio G. Sanchez, best renowned for his horror-thrillers, has created a new artwork that is sure to frighten. So, if you’re curious about this series, you’re about to learn a lot of stuff you didn’t know before.

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What transpires when you unexpectedly can’t recall anything at all in your life and are forced to start over? Experimenting with new things, exploring with your preferences, and maybe rediscovering her loved ones. The Girl in the Mirror is indeed a forthcoming Spanish sitcom about a high school girl who needs to restart her world all over again after escaping a vehicle accident. Sergio G. has designed this.

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Sanchez, Netflix actually announced the show’s production in 2018, however it has yet to appear on Netflix, raising the issue of whether we are going to see the show premiere, or if we will be forced to settle for the already published narrative. Will we be able to join Alma on her quest for exploration, or is it a privilege we won’t be able to finance?

The plot of The Girl In the Mirror

The Girl In The Mirror

The sequence of events following the disaster appears to include screams from the pupils, casualties battling for breath, ambulances being sent to the accident scene, and frustrated parents and families grieving for their loved ones. Alma, a student, escapes a vehicle accident that kills most of her friends, but she is not unharmed since she loses her memories.

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Her parents appear to her as two characters who conceal mysteries and have a secret background that she can not recall.

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Alma gradually thinks that everyone around her is keeping secrets in order to cause her to forget and transform into someone altogether separate from the Alma she was. She is imprisoned in a universe that does not feel familiar, and she must do everything she can to restore her memory.

The Girl In The Mirror Cast

The Girl In The Mirror
  • Mireia Oriol
  • Álex Villazán
  • Pol Monen
  • Claudia Roset
  • Javier Morgade
  • Nil Cardoner
  • María Caballero
  • Milena Smit
  • Elena Irureta
  • Marta Belaustegui
  • Josean Bengoetxea
  • Cándido Uranga
  • Katia R. Borlado
  • Ximena Vera
  • Celia Sastre
  • Laura Ubach
  • Raúl Tejón
  • Alejandro Serrano

What is the episode count?

It has been revealed that the show would contain 10 episodes.

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Each episode will be around 60 minutes long.

The Girl In The Mirror Release Date

The scary mystery-thriller Alma would be released on Netflix globally on August 19th. Sergio G. Sánchez designed it. Alma wakes up in a medical facility following surviving a bus disaster in which nearly all of her friends perish. She has no recollection of the event or of her history.

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Her home is filled with recollections that aren’t hers, and the combination of forgetfulness and trauma causes her to experience horrible nightmares and see pictures she can’t explain. She will struggle to restore her identity and life while attempting to discover the mysteries surrounding the tragedy with the assistance of her unidentified parents and friends.

You can watch the trailer below.

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