‘The Greatest Lie Ever Sold’: Will BLM try to kill Candace Owens?

We all know Candace Owens is a discriminating conservative vlogger & commentator but is BLM a scam? This polemic started when Owens showed herself with rapper Kanye West, both wearing t-shirts with the phrase “White lives matter” two months ago. A few days after Owens released her documentary The Greatest Lie Ever Sold, which is a Daily Wire+ exclusive. 

This documentary is supposed to tell the real story behind George Floyd’s murder and BLM movement, which is in her words “a scam”. Let’s be honest, all institutions have shady management at a certain point, no social movement is perfect, but they’re necessary to make important changes. BLM for example has been signaled for presenting only selective incidents, but please don’t forget who Candace Owens is.

Commentator Candace Owens has flagrantly promoted hate speeches towards different communities including calling trans people and feminine men “freaks”. She has also said: “I openly discriminate against weirdos and freaks and I encourage you to do the same”. Her skin might be black but she’s far from defending black & diverse lives, but is BLM the greatest lie ever sold?

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The Greatest Lie Ever Sold

In the film written & directed by Candace Owens, the host offers viewers what is supposed to be “the true story” behind the life & death of George Floyd. This historic event mobilized up to fifteen & twenty-six million people in America according to 2020 summer polls, making them the largest in American History.  Remember that time when people around the world posted a black picture on their Instagram feeds? 

Although the BLM hashtag exists since 2013 in protest of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin whose murderer got acquitted it was till Floyd’s murder in 2020 that it went viral. It’s no secret that the black community is a hyper-vulnerable group to police violence. Yet, according to Owens, she’s showing the never-before-tell history of the movement with exclusive interviews from insiders & experts. 

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Khan-Cullors, head of BLM wrote in 2019: “For over 500 years black people have fought for our freedom”. She also mentioned the black community has fought against slavery, black codes, police, incarceration as well as the highest unemployment rates, homelessness, etc. Let’s see what Owens has to tell in her new documentary The Greatest Lie Ever Sold.

Is Black Lives Matter a scam?

BLM is definitely one of the most known movements fighting against racism as well as police violence. Black Lives Matter’s mission as an organization is to eradicate white supremacy and intervene through local power in the violence inflicted on Black communities by the state. This movement wants to prevent black lives from being targeted for death, but is this all real?

As we mentioned before, all social movements have their weak points, however, their real & symbolic existence is primordial to fighting structural violence. The same questions pop up in the queer community when we think of pinkwashing and other phenomena that could delegitimize the movement. It’s unacceptable to call a scam a social movement that has fought as BLM, yet we should always stay critical. 

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BLM has been signaled to have a lack of interest in other mortality rates the black community goes through out of police violence. As well as actively looking for police killings of black men in order to fundraise, but is it something that they actively do or that constantly happens?

 Candace Owens on her side has mentioned BLM is a politically correct label several people use from their white privileges, no matter if they’re black. However, further the privilege a person can reach, if they conform to an oppressed minority, discrimination & insecurity will always be present. 

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