The Walking Dead Season 11 Part 2: Cast, Who’ll Return?


The Walking Dead season 11 part 2 premieres in February 2022, with additional eight episodes to build up the third batch of episodes and the series climax. Despite a drop in total ratings, showrunner Angela Kang stated on October 5, 2019, at New York Comic-Con that The Walking Dead has been renewed for a second season, ushering us deeper into the zombie apocalypse again for the 11th year.

Ten years ago, The Walking Dead debuted as a genre program with all the character depth of such a top-tier prestige drama. It’s incredible to imagine that The Walking Dead’s zombie-infested original season aired throughout the full decade of 2010.


During its peak, hundreds of millions of people watched each and every Sunday to discover if anybody would die. Because The Walking Dead season 11 is the final season of the original series, it’s even more vital to watch for the character resolves in part 2 for the final chapter.

When and where will season 11 part 2 of The Walking Dead be released?

The Walking Dead’s final season will premiere in the United States on Sunday, February 20, 2022, and in the United Kingdom on Monday, February 21, 2022.

This second set of episodes will pick up just where it left off, up to episode 16, thereafter there will be another mid-season hiatus to allow production to wrap up. Later in 2022, a final group of eight episodes (of 24) would be released, bringing the season (and program) to a close. In 2023, there will be a spinoff series.


Short Recap of What Happened in Season 11 Part 1:

The Walking Dead Season 11 Part 2

Let’s go over wherever they left off during Part 1 before we get started on Part 2. Season 11 Part 1 only had 8 episodes, with the final episode ending on a significant cliff-hanger. We have seen in the last episode that they are finally facing to face with one other.

Maggie has succeeded in bringing the Reapers and the Whispers face to face, and it will be a confrontation to remember. Daryl, on the other hand, questions Leah about his actual identity. When Leah learns that Daryl was a double agent, she is appalled and pledges to inform Pope. She does, however, have a soft spot for Daryl and enables him to flee.

Daryl was now refusing to flee and attempting to strike Pope. However, Leah had already begun to have reservations about the Pope, and she assassinated him directly in front of Daryl’s eyes. This led Daryl to assume that she had finally made up her mind to join him.


She informs him, however, that she is going to inform everybody that he’s the one who murdered Pope. Maggie, on the other hand, is attempting to repel the others who are attempting to attack them. In the midst of it all, we discover that Leah has opted to launch the rockets, which might potentially kill everyone.


For those of you who want to make your schedule free, here are the timings and dates of each episode of Part 2 of the Walking Dead Season 11 :

 Episode 9: February 20, 2022
 Episode 10: February 27, 2022
 Episode 11: March 6, 2022
 Episode 12: March 13, 2022
 Episode 13: March 20, 2022
 Episode 14: March 27, 2022

Walking Dead Season 11 cast: Who’ll return?

The Walking Dead Season 11 Part 2
Time Out

Because there were few fatalities in Season 11 Part 1, we should expect the cast to be nearly identical to that of Season 11 Part 1. As a result, our favorite characters will appear.

Carol by Melissa McBride, Ezekiel by Khary Payton, Negan by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Rosita Espinosa by Christian Serratos, Father Gabriel Stokes by Seth Gilliam, Magna by Nadia Hilker, Lydia by Cassady McClincy, Yumiko by Eleanor Matsuura, and Mercer by Michael James Shaw are among those who will return to the show this season.

We now know that Connie remains alive, therefore Lauren Ridloff will return, and Maggie, portrayed by Lauren Cohan, will make an appearance. As a result, the cast of The Walking Dead Season 11 Part 2 will remain mostly unchanged.


Where can I get earlier seasons of The Walking Dead to watch?

All ten prior seasons of The Walking Dead, as well as the first eight episodes of season 11 of The Walking Dead, are now available to stream on Disney+ in HD and 5.1 surround sound. The Star on Disney+ part of the streaming platform is where you’ll discover them.
In the United States, you may binge-watch The Walking Dead through Season 1 to 11 (part 1) on AMC+.

What can we anticipate in season 11 part 2 and beyond of The Walking Dead?


The Walking Dead Season 11 Part 2
Den of Geek

The Walking Dead’s last season is inspired by issues 175 to 193 of Robert Kirkman’s, Charlie Adlard’s, and Tony Moore’s comic books. Clearly, there are some adjustments, given that the Television show has already deviated significantly from the comics.

The Commonwealth, on the other hand, plays an important role, as it does at the conclusion of the books. We’ve already seen a lot of it in the shows that have been shown so far. The plot involving Negan and Maggie will also be continued in the second set of season 11 episodes.


Is The Walking Dead going to have a 12th season?

The Walking Dead’s storied television adventure comes to an end with season 11’s episode 24. However, spinoffs and new series centered in the same world will be produced, including a brand-new spinoff featuring two of the most important characters.

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