Too good for him: Are George Clooney and Amal ready to divorce?

In November 2020, George Clooney told GQ Magazine that he often thought, “I’m never getting married. I’m not gonna have kids, I’m gonna work, I’ve got great friends, my life is full, I’m doing well.” 

George Clooney believed his fairytale love story wouldn’t come to fruition in his bachelor days. He continued to tell GQ, “. . . And I didn’t know how un-full it was until I met Amal.” In many interviews, he has described his relationship with his wife, Amal Alamuddin, as a moviesque love story.

Yet, amid the love & bliss, several speculations have been made about trouble in paradise for the Clooneys. Tabloids divulge that Amal threatened Clooney with a pricey divorce causing tensions to run high. It seems that such rumors remained to be just that – rumors. Yet, everyone wants to know; are the George Clooney divorce claims true?

Destined to remain a bachelor

George Clooney likes to gush about his wife & family. In a famous interview with David Letterman, Clooney describes meeting his wife for the first time, her impressive career, and the pride he takes in being her partner. 

Before they met, both Amal and George grew comfortable with the idea that marriage and children may not happen for them. George Clooney was known around the world as the most eligible bachelor, convincing his fans (and himself) that he would be single for the rest of his days. 

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The actor told Vogue, “If you know anything about my crazy life, you know that I’d pretty much committed to the idea of never marrying again,” But everything changed when he met the love of his life, Amal Alamuddin – a successful human rights lawyer.

The couple’s passionate love story

George Clooney & Amal met in July of 2013 and experienced a whirlwind romance. George Clooney was spending time in his vacation home with his parents in Italy when a friend asked if he could bring a guest over to his home. The Ocean’s Eleven actor replied, “Of course,” not knowing this guest would soon become his future wife. 

They hit it off right away but didn’t see each other for months after the initial meeting. George kept in touch with Amal by sending her e-mails from the perspective of his cocker spaniel, Einstein – trying to convince her to visit him. 

The playful antidote seemed to work because very shortly after dating, George planned an intimate proposal. Shocked by the proposal, Amal took almost half an hour to respond to Mr. Clooney as they had never discussed marriage before. She eventually said yes, and the couple married in 2014. The ceremony was held in Italy with a hundred close friends & family in attendance.

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Trouble in Clooney paradise or just rumors?

Tabloid outlets have run rampant with allegations of George Clooney’s divorce to Amal. Various details & stories have made it to the public, making it difficult to verify what speculations are rooted in truth and which are not. Here are some of the most recent rumors. 

According to the Globe, there was a long battle between the Clooneys about George’s parents moving into their Los Angeles home from Kentucky. They are growing older, and George felt it was best for them to stay with him permanently and spend time with their grandchildren. However, word around town was that Amal was against this sentiment and she refused her in-laws to move into their home.

Not only did celebrity gossip outlets claim that Amal was not a supportive wife & daughter-in-law, but they also said she was seeking a pricey divorce. Baseless headlines said Amal was threatening to divorce George for $500 million.

On the other hand, many have claimed that it’s George who wants out. Stories have insinuated that George Clooney’s divorce is due to Amal’s bossy personality, making the relationship unbearable.

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Fortunately, no credible sources have confirmed any of these rumors to be true. In fact, George Clooney has been quoted to say that he and Amal have yet to even experience an argument let alone be getting divorced. Where many of these claims lack viability and truth, they make up in imagination.

Are George Clooney and Amal ready to divorce?

Amal, similar to George, didn’t think marriage was going to be a part of her life, she told Vogue, “I was 35 when I met him . . . It wasn’t obvious that it was going to happen for me.” And yet their meeting seemed to be a stroke of fate. 

In a year, they were madly in love, married, and eventually had twins. George often mentions how lucky they are to have found one another. So it’s safe to say that the George Clooney divorce rumors are false for the time being. 

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