Imlie 2: Imlie And Atharva’s Wedding Completes, Chini Fails

Imlie 2 On Star Plus: Chini performs Imlie and Atharva’s gatbandhan and ties even her dupatta in gatbandhan. She thinks soon a wealth in Imlie’s fate would be hers and hence she is linking even her fate with Imlie’s.

Panditji asks bride and groom to stand up for varmala ritual explains how to perform pheras.

Just before pheras start, Imlie stops Atharva noticing Chini’s dupatta tied with gatbandhan.

Diya tells her husband that Imlie is acting oversmart these days. Atharva asks Imlie what is a problem now.

Imlie says Chini’s dupatta got stuck with gatbandhan by mistake.

Imlie acts as apologetic and asks Imlie to continue pheras with dupatta in as its inauspicious to open gatbandhan.

Imlie explains the value of relationship and gatbandhan and remove Chini’s dupatta without untying her and Atharva’s gathbandhan.

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Chini stands fuming. Imlie describes how she will try her best to keep her and Atharva’s relationship strong.

Imlie and Atharva’s pheras start. After 4 pheras, Panditji stops them and says bride will come in front now and explains that groom will take an oath in fifth phera to be loyal to his wife and always support her in any consequences. Atharva performs pheras behind Imlie.

Chini thinks whatever promises Imlie does, Atharva will obey Chini always. Panditji says in sixth and seventh pheras bride and groom will promise each other to always protect each other and not let anyone interfere between them.

Imlie takes oath that she will always be an equal partner to Atharva and would never leave him.

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Atharva thinks god played with his fate, he wanted Chini to be his life partner and only Chini will be in his heart forever.

Chini thinks Arto will never accept Imlie as his wife like Rathores never accepted her as Chini Rathore, she will show Imlie how a secondhand life looks like.

Panditji asks groom to fix mangalsutra in bride’s neck. Atharva picks mangalsutra and looks at Chini, then fixes it in Imlie’s neck and applies sindhoor in her hairline.

Imlie sheds emotional tears. Panditji congratulates them that their wedding is complete and they are husband and wife now, they can seek their elder’s blessings for their happy married life.

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