Azam Swati With Wife Private Video Leaked, Exposed Online Viral On Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Youtube

Azam Swati Private Video Leaked: On Saturday, PTI Senator Azam Swati made a startling claim and accused some ‘powerful’ people in Pakistan of sending a private video of the couple. He said that his wife received an objectionable video of the couple from an unknown number.

Below is the full viral Azam Khan Swati video leaked from the boring net. This video is currently available on Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and other websites. Azam Swati is very old now, but she impresses in today’s Q&A session about her daughter and better half and the leaked video.

Pakistani politician and businessman Azam Swati Private Video Leaked Online On Social Media

Do you realize who he is? He is one of the parliamentarians in charge of this country. Do you know why he screams?

Because a video of him in his bedroom with his lover, reportedly from an obscure song, was sent by his granddaughters the night before. Some say it’s fake, others say someone recently combined photoshop photos and called it a video.

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Today is probably the saddest day I have ever experienced in Pakistan. Eternally dark days. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) senator Azam Swati and his family suffered goes far beyond that.

How can anyone photograph women we should consider?

We live in a country where you are shunned for speaking the truth and rewarded for lying.

PTI is about lies and deception. Imran Khan Niazi of PTI is spreading lies after lies and trying to defame the big name of our army and organizations.

This video showing the spread of Azam Swati very quickly links to the same awareness efforts by Imran Khan across all accounts.

Our Prophet said: Respect for Muslims is more important than Kaaba. A man in his seventies takes off his clothes and is actually mentally disturbed. Solo videos are made for other people who are dear to him. He cries in front of reporters, but our organization is running. Can we say that we are free? Or even people?

As the days go by, it is clear that people in PTI have nothing to do with deep quality. Their doctrine is simply based on interests.

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When an adult lawmaker and his family face such embarrassing grief, what can they always expect from those who are high-ranking laypeople?

Why did Imran Khan lie to Azam Swati and force him to become head of state again? We are incredible in our homes, in our country. Everyone needs a common curse behind this downfall. May you seek harmony in your ordinary life.

I have to make a difficult pass. Now there is something left. As a country, we have gone out like a candle. Legitimate Pakistan is a terrifying experience for ordinary people and others because of people like Imran Niazi. These tears will destroy oppressors and justice seekers over time.

Swati is a former Railway Minister, Private Senator, Senior Vice President of PTI, Ex-Opioids Minister, Ex-Congress Commerce Minister and Ex-Science and Technology Reverend. He is also a fugitive from America. I am ashamed, sad and angry that Imran Khan’s makeup has ruined it.

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In a tweet, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan condemned the alleged torture of Mr. Swati. He wrote, “I want to apologize on behalf of Pakistan to Mrs. Swati, a very private, non-public, tahajut guzaar lady for the pain, anguish, and sense of humiliation she is having to suffer.” 

Final Words

Thus a brief discussion that admin can convey. Hopefully it can help and reduce your curiosity.

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