Viral Video: A Girl Continuously Beating a Driver Man In Lucknow, UP, #ArrestLucknowGirl Trending

Viral Video A Girl Continuously Beating a Driver Man In Lucknow

Viral Video India: A girl from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, continuously beating a man (Driver of Car) at Awadh Crossing, and allegedly damaging his phone in spite of him asking for a reason. Even the person who came to save the cab driver was assaulted in these updated viral videos. She can be heard saying the car hit her. The video is getting viral over the internet and people ios asking about the arrest of this girl and making a trend on Twitter via the #ArrestLucknowGirl hashtag.

There is a new viral video coming out on social media. The video is from Lucknow city, UP. A girl can be seen beating a car driver for no reason. Even the other man, who came to save the driver was also assaulted in the latest viral video. Watch out for the viral video exclusively in the Twitter thread.

People are giving a strong reaction against the work done by this girl and expecting police should arrest this Lucknowie girl.

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In the video, the girl can be seen wearing earphones listening to music and walking. She may be got hit by a car accidentally by her own mistake and negligence. Even after the hit, she didn't get any injury means it was not a big hit. She should move ahead. But she showed society the real face of PsedoFeminism.

This can’t be women's empowerment. Extreme of something shouldn’t be encouraged. Good on him to show restrain and not hit her back. If he has done something wrong, there would be ways to have him punished but taking law in your hand like this is uncalled for.

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Do you know who is she? What's her name? Who was the boy? Why he didn't slap her if he was right? Why did the girl keep slapping that boy? Was she depressed? So many more questions...

What do you think about this incident that just happened in Lucknow city? So you also want the Police to arrest this girl and support #ArrestLucknowGirl hashtag? Or Do you think everything that girl did was right? Share your thoughts below in the comment box.

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