Taco Chronicles Volume 2 Watch Online Or Download On Netflix: Focuses On Mexico’s Favorite Street Food Tacos

Taco Chronicles Volume 2 Watch Online Or Download On Netflix Focuses On Mexico's Favorite Street Food Tacos
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Netflix’s American documentary web television series which focuses on tacos, Mexico’s favorite street food, Taco Chronicles Volume 2 watch online or download now available on Netflix from September 15, 2020. Many of the most popular taco styles have long, rich, little-known histories. Explore some of them in this eye-opening, mouth-watering food adventure.

The Taco Chronicles Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Taco Chronicles Season 2

Creator: Pablo Cruz
Genre: Social & Cultural Documentaries, Food & Travel TV, Lifestyle, Mexican TV Shows, Reality TV, Docuseries
Watch offline: Available to download

The series is created by Pablo Cruz. This Tacos lovers series trying to be both educational and stylish about the different kinds and where they come from, through interviews with food writers, experts, and owners of the stands seen on the streets, who have described them and the ingredients in depth.

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Taco Chronicles Volume 2 All Episodes

Taco Chronicles Season 1 or Volume 1 was released on July 12, 2019, with 6 episodes while the season 2 of the Taco Chronicles series or Volume 2 has 7 new episodes for stream online. Here are the details of the complete episodes down below:

Taco Chronicles Volume 2 Episode No.Episode Title
4American Taco

What’s In The Episodes? The Storyline?

What’s In S2 Ep1? Urban and nocturnal, the suadero taco is the perfect hangover cure. It’s the Mexican cousin to American beef brisket, but with more spice and bite.

What’s In S2 Ep2? The cochinita pibil is a Mayan pit-roasted pork delicacy, passed down over the centuries and preserved, even after colonization, like a sacred ritual.

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What’s In S2 Ep3? The cabrito, or kid taco, springs from a goat herding tradition that can be traced to Iran and Lebanon. It’s now become emblematic of northern Mexico.

What’s In S2 Ep4? The American taco is, of course, an import — but much changed after assimilation! Distinguished by its hard or puffy shell, it’s still delicious.

What’s In S2 Ep5? The convenience of the burrito — a good-sized flour tortilla tucked in at both ends so nothing wrapped inside spills — is from Mexico’s northern states.

What’s In S2 Ep6? To dunk or not to dunk? To spoon or not to spoon? The crucial aspect of the birria taco is its broth, a sumptuous blend of goat meat juices and spices.

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What’s In S2 Ep7? The best fish tacos come from the Mexican Pacific coast, with a nod to Japan for the crispy, tempura-like breading and emphasis on freshness.

How To Stream?

Taco Chronicles Volume 2 all episodes watch or stream online available on streaming service Netflix from September 15.

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