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Where to watch Noughts + Crosses Season 3 Release Date

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Where to watch Noughts + Crosses Season 3 Release Date
Noughts + Crosses Season 3


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The cruel, discriminated society wronged Callum and Sephy at the end of the last season of Noughts + Crosses, where Callum was executed for the crime he did not commit, but rather attempted to prevent.

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The climax of the season is rather heartbreaking as Sephy watched the love of her life being hanged and elicited the brutality of the biased society. 

Was this tragic ending of the Noughts and Crosses the end? Or is there a requirement for a third season? Yes! This jarring end absolutely needs a soothing third season. But here’s the update and everything you need to know about Noughts + Crosses.

Noughts + Crosses Season 2

Noughts + Crosses is a series adaptation of the novel with a similar name, Noughts + Crosses, written by Malorie Blackman. This is an alternative British historical period drama where instead of whites referred to as “Noughts”, blacks referred to as “Crosses” ruled over the country.

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This drama’s first and second season was streamed on BBC One and BBC iplayer starring Jack Rowan and Masali Baduza. The first season aired on March 5, 2020, and the second season was released on April 26, 2022. 

These first two seasons dealt with the rebellion against a biased, distrustful and powerful country and the light of the fire of passion building between Sephy and Callum, putting them in grave danger.

The setting is dystopian London where Sephy is an elite black woman and belongs to “Crosses” and Callum belongs to the white lower class of “Noughts”. 

In the second season of Noughts + Crosses, hiding from the royal black family, the couple, Sephy and Callum, meet a gruesome ending. The whole season they struggled with the run after Sephy left her family, declaring that she was pregnant with a white man’s child. 

The discriminated society left Sephy and Callum with no choice but to get away. But the cursed fate of these lovers ended with the latter getting caught and condemned for the assassination attempt on Kamal Hadley, Sephy’s father, and prime minister. 

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Noughts + Crosses Season 3 – Possibility of a third season? 

There are various ways to interpret the possibility of a new season. Is the story going to be about Callum and Sephy? Or is there a chance of introducing a new couple? The speculations are endless.

The conclusion of Sephy and Callum was certainly tragic, but there is a likelihood of a third season as the drama is based on a series of novels with many books. That surely points out that there might be a new season with the involvement and conclusion of the Noughts and Crosses present in the series.

Where to watch Noughts + Crosses Season 3?

All seasons of Noughts + Crosses were released officially on BBC and can also be watched on BBC iplayer. 

Do follow through with our article, and we will keep you updated on further news about the release of “Noughts + Crosses”. Stay tuned and unbiased, unlike the Noughts and Crosses in the series.

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