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Who Is Costeen Hatzi? Nick Kyrgios New Girlfriend/ Fiance Wiki Biography Age Instagram

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Popular Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios is in the headlines and also creating massive buzzes on social media lately. Although, the reasons he is being buzzed all over social media aren’t bad or negative. The Australian star Nick Kyrgios’s name started topping the trending charts of social media after reports regarding her marriage with her girlfriend started floating. According to the reports, the news regarding his marriage with his girlfriend Costeen Hatzi is buzzing and topping the trending charts of social media all over.

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Costeen Hatzi

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Nick Kyrgios and Costeen Hatzi started dating just 5 months before and now there are rumors that the couple is all set to get married soon. Nick Kyrgios is currently 26 years old and his girlfriend Costeen Hatzi is 21 years old currently. The news reports and rumors of the couple getting married started after they shared a picture of themselves from their recent vacation trip. Recently Nick and his girlfriend Costeen were on vacation in the Miami islands, United States, Nick shared a picture of both of them from their vacation on his official social media account, and from there the news regarding their marriage came out.

The couple was looking adorable together as usual in the picture shared by Nick, but the thing which snatched the eyes of the netizens was something else. In the picture, Costeen was seen wearing a diamond ring on her finger and that ring in her finger grabbed the attention of the public towards them. Netizens and fans of the couple assumed that the couple have been engaged and soon they are set to marry each other. The reports have also claimed that the picture of the couple also went viral and thus many netizens came up with their thoughts some of them believed that the couple is engaged and soon they will marry.

Although, there is no official confirmation from Nick and Costeen’s side regarding their marriage or engagement and thus this report is just a rumor. There is no confirmation so this report has been proved as fake and false. Although Nick’s last relationship with Chiara Passa didn’t go well and the couple broke up on a very bad note, reports have claimed. Chiara Passa has also spoken about Nick’s current relationship and his current girlfriend Costeen in one of her interviews, according to the reports. The reports have stated that Chiara said in one of her interviews that Nick and Costeen will also break up and also on a sad note. This report is also making a lot of buzz among the fans of the couple. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.

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