Who is Harry Styles working with on new album ‘Harry’s House’?

Without a doubt, the most commercially & critically successful former One Direction member, Harry Styles can cause a tidal wave of cultural hype with the wave of his hand. However, the twenty-eight-year-old popstar can just let his fanbase do the work of generating publicity, as Harry Styles’ fans just predicted the announcement of his new album.

Harry Styles fulfilled the fandom’s prophecy when he announced a new single on Monday, March 28th. The new track, titled “As It Was”, will hit streaming services & music stores at midnight BT on April 1st. The only thing that could get in the way of this new single’s release would be some April Fool’s Day antics from Styles himself.

Harry Styles kept the big news short & sweet on his social media, saying succinctly, “As It Was. April 1.” The post also included photos of the musician from behind, with Styles wearing a sleeveless, red sequined outfit. This came in the wake of Harry leaking his new thirteen-song album Harry’s House on March 23rd. Will the record live up to the hype?

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Harry keeps fans guessing

Harry’s House will be the “Watermelon Sugar” singer’s third studio album as a solo artist. Ever since leaving the tremendously popular British boy band One Direction, Harry Styles has proven himself to be one of the most iconic & unique musical artists out there. Part of what makes Styles so compelling is his ability to engage with fans.

Recently, Harry’s fandom theorized that the world-famous singer was behind a cryptic webpage called YouAreHome.co. Every day, the website showed a new picture partially hidden by a beige door frame, seeming to relate to a piece of art associated with Style’s upcoming new album. 

After Harry Styles announced his new album on March 23rd, YouAreHome.co started to showcase photos of abstract art, which the fandom inferred was a sign of a new single. When “As It Was” was officially given a release date, the door on the website opened up to reveal a black & white illustration. It appears as though the fans were right all along. 

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Despite limited details about “As It Was” being made available to the public, Styles’ fans have already seemed to figure out some of the upcoming song’s lyrics. A Twitter account also called YouAreHome surfaced at about the same time that the website did. The account tweeted mysterious posts that were found to be related to the Harry’s House album campaign.

What’ll Harry’s new song be about?

With the new album Harry’s House on the way, the YouAreHome Twitter account seems to give a glimpse as to what the content of the record will be. Fans have theorized that the more poetic posts could indeed be unreleased song lyrics. One of the tweets said, “In this world, it’s just us, you know it’s not the same as it was.”

Another post from the YouAreHome Twitter feed reads, “Whisper to your houseplants, sing to your neighbors.” The Harries are fans of stretching their imagination, but the fandom has one theory that is either crazy or ingenious. The Harries recently found a list of coordinates hidden in the YouAreHome website’s coding. You can see where this is going.

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The Styles fanbase seems to think that these coordinates are clues to the locations of his upcoming tour dates. Perhaps Harry’s fans are all like Nicolas Cage in National Treasure, or they have a bit too much time on their hands. Either way, the Harries will always be the premier source for the inside scoop on the singer’s plans.

Harry Styles’ new album Harry’s House has been feverishly anticipated by fans since the announcement on March 23rd. In the meantime, the Harries will have to settle for his new single “As It Was”, dropping on April 1st. What do you think of Harry Styles’ promotion of his new album? Let us know in the comments!

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