Why It is Essential To Invest In A Pension Plan – You’ll Be Glad You Did!

Indians belonging to the middle class are the ones that bear the brunt of inflation and economic instability the most. Everyone gets shivers at the idea of not having anything saved for the future. Still, there is quite a lot to learn about retirement and pension plans, which support people in making life plans and ensuring their financial security. Maintaining a secure financial situation is essential, especially when we get older and quit working altogether. When we have no income, it isn’t easy to manage our expenses. Pension plans have a significant impact in that area.

What is a Pension Plan?

You can get a consistent monthly income after retirement thanks to a pension plan, often known as an annuity plan or retirement plan. You can make a one-time, lump-sum investment or invest consistently over time in monthly, half-yearly, or annual premiums to benefit from retirement benefits through a pension plan. Even after retirement, a pension plan guarantees that you won’t have to give up your lifestyle or your ambitions for your life.

Pension plans typically consist of two stages: the accumulating phase and the vesting stage.

This is the time when regular contributions are made to a pension fund.

The vesting phase begins when you retire and begin drawing regular pension benefits from your pension plan.

What kinds of Pension Plans are available in India?

There are two main kinds of Pension Plans available in India:

Immediate Annuity Plan

Upon investing a lump sum payment in an immediate annuity plan, the insurance company agrees to pay the pension immediately (i.e., starting the following month/quarter/half-yearly/yearly as chosen).

If your retirement date is drawing near and you need to supplement your current income, an immediate annuity plan is an excellent investment. You can immediately assure a consistent income for the duration of your retirement by making one lump sum payment.

From the plan’s start, you can choose to receive your annuity or pension monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annually. There can be as many as six different types of annuities offered by certain insurers, including: 

  • Life Annuity
  • Life Annuity With Purchase Price Reimbursement
  • A Period-Specific Annuity Scheme
  • Joint Life Last Survivor With A Spouse Receiving A 50% Annuity
  • Joint Life Last Survivor With Return Of Purchase Price On Last Survivor’s Demise
  • Joint Life Last Survivor With The Spouse Receiving The Entire Annuity

Deferred Annuity Plan

With this kind of annuity plan, you can methodically      make payments on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annual basis to build up your retirement fund over time. The accumulation and income phases of an annuity can be separated. You will be investing in the plan and increasing your retirement savings during the accumulation period, which lasts from the start until you decide to collect the annuity proceeds. Then, you can choose to take a third of your retirement savings and put the remaining funds into an immediate annuity plan to get a regular monthly payout during the income phase (also known as the post-retirement or Vesting Phase), or you can put the entire amount into an immediate annuity plan.

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What are the main advantages of investing in a pension plan?

  • A pension or income that is ensured

Pension plans offer a set pension after retirement for a predetermined amount of time or for the rest of the participant’s life and are not market-linked. The annuity duration may be delayed or immediate depending on your plan type. You can plan your retirement years and stay one step ahead of the financial game with a guaranteed income.

  • Asset and Savings Security

The assets and cash remain vulnerable to theft and leakage without any formal financial agreement. Consequently, a pension fund aids in your future security and offers a safe shelter for your current resources.

Your hard-earned money is saved so that you can use it in your later years. Pension plans can provide you with pleasant post-retirement years through the long-term compounding of your savings. The potential of compounding increases the sooner you begin putting your funds in a pension corpus.

  • Add Insurance Covers to Your Plan to Strengthen It

Some retirement plans allow you to purchase insurance coverage, which helps to provide complete financial stability during your retirement years. 

Are There Any Tax Benefits Of A Pension Plan?

Yes, there are numerous tax advantages to pension plans. Section 80CCC of the Income-tax Act, 1961, allows for tax deductions on retirement plan investments of up to Rs 1.5 lakh. Additionally, only two-thirds of the corpus acquired post-retirement are subject to tax, with the remaining one-third being tax-free.

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Conclusion – Pension Plans Are Essential Investments

In today’s age, it is imperative for any professional to have invested in a pension plan of some kind, as financial security in the future is always subject to far-sighted planning when you are young. It can prove fruitful when you finally decide to retire; you can just relax and reap the benefits of your lifelong hard work. 

To begin your retirement planning, you can start by getting an estimate of how much you need to have saved up by the time you retire using a free online retirement calculator. Once you have an estimate, you can start working on your monthly expenses and investing the appropriate amount in a pension plan of your choice. Do not wait; get started with your retirement planning today!

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