YFN Lucci Arrested : Here what happened

YFN Lucci Arrested- The four times Grammy award winner Atlanta Rapper Young Thug has reportedly been arrested with 2 gang members and set up for the Fulton County Jail on pack related charges, for online prison record shows.

Jefferey Lamar Williams, 30, also known as Young Thug, was set up for prison on Monday for two separate charges, as per prison records. He is accused of connivance to disgrace the Racketeer influences and corrupt organisation (RICO) Act and interest in road posse action.

William’s RICO Act charges arises from a supposed offense in January 2013, while the posse movement charge is connected with claims from May 2018, prison records show.

The rapper was arrested by Atlanta Police, yet the division hasn’t shared any information about the capture. One of the police representative guided requests to the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office.

The DA’s office has not answered any demands for additional data from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

As indicated by Channel 2 Action News, the prosecution incorporates 56 counts focused on partners of Williams’ YSL record mark. Williams most memorable court appearance is planned for Tuesday at 11:30a.m., Channel 2 announced.

YFN Lucci Arrested- When did that happen?

Rapper YFN Lucci is among twelve individuals charged in a wide-going arraignment in Atlanta focusing on supposed individuals from the Bloods pack.     

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