How To Rightly Measure Your Bra Size? Find Your Cup Size, Bust Size

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An unfitted bra can absolutely ruin your day. You know the feeling when bra straps digging into your shoulders, skin popping out the sides, or when a band that won’t stay in place. These are all signs that your bra is not correct, or the size is not fitted as your breast curves and actually, you need to measure your actual bra size for a new one. You might be thinking now, how can I measure my right Bra size? How to measure the cup size for the breast? But It is incredibly simple to measure your bra size at home easily with just a measuring tape. Once you’ve got your measurements, you can take these steps with you to find the right bra that fits your breast perfectly.

Easy Steps To Find Your Right Bra Size

Here are three easy steps to measuring your bra size yourself.

#1 Measure Your Band Size

The first step to figuring out your actual bra size is measuring the band size, which requires few calculations and a measurement tape, like the one you'd get from a sewing kit.

  • Take the measurement tape and wrap it around yourself where the band of your bra would sit. Do this with no bra on to get your actual band size.
  • Wrap the measuring tape that fits around you and you would feel comfortable wearing a bra.
  • Round the number and make it close to the nearest whole number.
  • Write down that number you measured -- If it’s an even number, add 4 to it. If it’s an odd number, add 5 to it. For example -- If you measured 27 inches, add 5 to get a band size of 32 inches.
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#2 Measure Your Bust Size

Now you have your Band size, Next, it is time to measure your bust size, which is the most important part in figure out your cup size.

  • Take your measuring tape and wrap around the fullest part (Bust Part) of your breast.
  • Line up the measuring tape correctly around your back to the front side. Don’t measure this as snugly as you previously measured the band size, instead keep it at a comfortable level of tightness.
  • Round the number and make it close to the nearest whole number.

#3 Measure Your Cup Size

Now you have both, your bust and band size, it's time to do some quick math to find your Cup size.

Take the number of your Band Size and subtract it from the measurement number of your Bust Size. Then, match the number you get with the Bra size chart to find your cup size.

Bust Size Number - Band Size Number = Difference Number

Difference Number Cup Size
0 inchesAA
1 inchA
2 inchesB
3 inchesC
4 inchesD
5 inchesE
6 inchesF
7 inchesG
Table: Quick Guide To Find Your Cup Size

Once you have the band size and cup size, you can pair those two together figures to determine your actual Bra size.

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For example -- Starting from the very first step, if you measured your bust size is 40 inches and your band size as 38 inches, that's a difference of 2 inches.

Looking at the chart, 2 equals according to table, B cup, which would then make your actual bra size a 38B.

When Do You Need To Change Your Bra?

When Your Bra Leave Dents in Your Skin: When your bra becomes too tight, it might leave indentations over your skin. This would be a sure sign that you may need to size up or adjust the straps or clasp. If you’re on the largest-size clasp and it is still leaving a dent, then time to get the bigger size bra.

When Your Breasts Overflowing From The Cups: The cup size becomes too small when your breasts look bulging out. If you’re wearing a bra with cups cut low specifically to be worn that way, that is different. But we are talking about that double-boob look that happens when the top of the bra cups are cutting into your breast and making them look lumpy. If this is happening, you need a larger size.

When you See Gaps in the Band or Cups: When a bra is too big, you might see a gap in the cups where your breasts are not filling them completely. You also should not be able to fit more than a finger between the band and your skin. If you can, the band is large. More lastly, the bra straps should sit properly on your shoulders. If they look falling down, then they are too long and should be adjusted.

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The Band Should Sit Flat the Whole Way Around Your Body: When your bra fits properly, the band will fit nicely around your torso in an even line parallel to the skin floor. The back should not look ride up higher than the front, and when it does, it can be a fix as simply adjusting the bra straps, if that also won't work, then just change your Bra.

If you do need to size up or down, it may not be as simple as going from a 36B to a 36C and vice versa. If you wear a 36B and the cup is too big, rather than simply going down to a 36A, try a 38A. If the cup of your 36B is too small, try a 34C and see how it fits. Bras have sister sizes, and sometimes, it takes a little bit of trial and error to get the size right. But once you measure your bra size, you have a good starting point to figure out what size you should try first.

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