8 Things Girl Should Do Immediately After Having Sex


Girls Sex Problems and Solutions: A couple's sexual life has changed a lot in today's runaway life. The perception of the sex of a girl in the Indian environment has also been very doubtful. In this context, we will try to remove the sexual issues problems of girls like Why Does a female gets pain during sexual intercourse? What things a girl should do after having sex? The 8 Things A Woman should do after having sex.

Why do girls have intense pain during intercourse?

Why Does Female Pain During Sexual Intercorse? Girls have severe pain during intercourse because, in Indian society, the upbringing of the girl is done in such an environment that she has a fear of sexual intercourse.

For the first time, there are many types of myths associated with the intercourse. There is a psychology of people that girls have a lot of pain during the first intercourse. During this time, there are many misconceptions about bleeding in our society.

The pain caused during intercourse is called dyspareunia in the medical language, it is a pain that can occur once and again and this pain has a very bad effect on the relationship between men and women.

In fact, the main cause of pain for women at first intercourse is the very tight vagina. This is when the muscles of the vagina are stretched and inflamed. In this situation, the woman has a lot of pain during intercourse.

What should a girl do immediately after having sex? - Girls Sex Problems

By the way, most women do not know what to look for before or after sexual intercourse. Most infections are spread in women due to a lack of hygiene for private parts.

So after having sex, women should keep in mind some important things. During sexual intercourse, the tissues of the vagina become smooth and rubbed and swollen so that their action changes.

1. Visit the washroom immediately after intercourse [ Girls Sex Problems & Solutions ]

Bacteria are produced in private parts during sex. Due to the moisture, the number of bacteria in the vagina starts to increase rapidly. Therefore, you should go to the washroom immediately after sex, because urinating removes all bacteria and there is no infection in the vagina

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2. Do not bathe with hot water

After sex, the vagina door becomes bigger. Therefore, immediately after intercourse, the risk of infection is higher if you take a bath with warm water. Avoid hot water bath after sex.

3. Drink water

Exercise should be done after intercourse if possible. Immediately after drinking water, the harmful bacteria caused by UTI come out through the urine.

4. Eat probiotic foods

Pay special attention to what kind of food you eat after the intercourse. You can eat yeast foods such as yogurt, kombucha or kimchi. After intercourse, by eating these foods, the beneficial bacteria begin to accumulate again so that there is no yeast infection in the vagina.

5. Do not apply soap to private parts

Immediately after sex, wash the private area with soap. Do not use soap, not just after sex but after a long time. The cleaning of the vagina is done automatically. Applying soap can cause its pH level to be disturbed, which can lead to irritation, dryness and even infection.

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6. Wear comfortable underwear

Most underwear is made of nylon and polyester with no air in it. Wearing such underwear immediately after intercourse can increase the number of germs.

7. Do not wipe with a wet cloth [ Girls Sex Problems ]

When asked for wet cloth after intercourse, the chemicals present in it may cause irritation in the private parts. So clean with plain water or vinegar.

8. Use a Blow Dryer

Most women know about using a blow dryer after intercourse. According to the doctor, this is quite helpful. A blow dryer is very beneficial for women who suffer from UTI and mycosis. This should be done especially after sex.

I hope this post will help you to get info about sexual intercourse problems. Be safe and stay Fit! Share this article on social media if it seems meaningful to you. Thank you!

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