Dotted Condoms Benefits: Should You Use It?

Dotted Condoms Benefits: Should You Use It?

What are some Dotted Condoms Benefits? Seriously, a Dotted Condom is of no use, today I am going to tell you a truth that after reading it you will say it yourself is right, the man. Should you really use it while having sex with your partner? If you like the answer, do not forget to comment down below and share with friends. Plane Condom or Dotted or Flavoured? She might be thinking What will be the best condom for him?

Dotted condoms have small grains that prick only during friction in the female partner's genitals and make their vagina warm and red, causing unbearable pain to the female partner in the vagina. You just irritate the woman pleasure (Climax). The main reason for the reproductive diseases that are happening cause nowadays is also the condom itself.

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One thing I want to tell you before to get peak sexual intense pleasure, men are like 'dry wood' which immediately catches fire but the woman is like wet (cold) wood, which is first heated and then burnt Means fire.

BONUS TIP!!! For this, you first tell the woman about sex one to two hours before that so that she can be ment ally prepared, after that if you go to bed, then enjoy at least 30 minutes foreplay part, then have sex.

You will also enjoy both of them, which will make your relationship sweeter, the woman will become your lover. Trust me, You will not need any dotted condom.

Pleased with dotted condom is not possible, if you use plain condom instead of dotted, it will be better.

Dotted condoms are just a means of making a profit. Companies are increasing sales by promoting. Which is more expensive than a plane condom. The products are selling in the name of flavours around the world, which have no flavour but a little different smell.

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