Drink Green Tea Before Exercise, Will Help In Weight Loss

Drink Green Tea Before Exercise, Will Help In Weight Loss
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Green-tea can prove to be the magic wand for people trying to lose weight through exercise. Researchers at the UK-based Imperial College made this claim based on their recent study. They found that the catechins present in Green Tea promote the production of hormones that break down fat cells. This makes the fat dissolve in the blood and is available for use as energy.

According to researcher Peter Hicks, ‘Catechin‘ also promotes metabolic activity. This is the reason that those who participated in the study, who consumed green tea before exercise, burn 17% more fat in their body.

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Hicks also said that Green-Tea should not be put in boiling water. This can destroy the catechins present in it. After boiling in water, it is beneficial to put a T-bag only after it has cooled for five minutes. He also warned against drinking more than two to three cups of green tea a day.

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