How Long Does A Mother Produce Milk After Childbirth?

breastfeeding Baby

If you are a mother or become a new Daddy, then you always worry about breastfeeding your baby. Somehow you may willing to know how long does a mother produces breast milk after childbirth?

Generally speaking, the mother will produce breast milk for as long as she is breastfeeding the child regularly.

The contact of the baby's mouth and mother’s breast stimulates the physiological response commonly known as “milk let-down.”

This hormonal response prompts the breasts to create milk, sometimes within moments. When the baby stops feeding on a regular schedule, milk secretion is reduced.

On-demand production of milk this way occurs around the clock, almost like a continuously running factory.

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Usually, we ask the mother to breastfeed exclusively for the first six months. At a year, half breast milk and then half solid food until two years old, after which breastfeeding can stop. Some mothers continue breastfeeding after the child is two years of age.

In olden times, children up to five years of age were routinely breastfed.

The hormone responsible for promoting the production of breast milk is called prolactin. When it is present above a certain threshold in the mother’s body, milk will be produced.

You may be interested to know that the same physiological response occurs in other mammals. Cows are injected with prolactin in order to stimulate milk production long after their calves have been weaned.

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