I drink wife's breast milk every day. Is this right for my health?


Can I drink my wife's breast milk after delivery? Have you ever drunk your partner's breast milk? Can a husband drink his wife's milk? Is it healthy for an adult to drink breast milk? If I drink milk from wife's breast, will I get nutrition from it? Too many questions in mind? right... Well here are the answers to all the questions.

The common FAQs on Breast Milk and Health

My wife gets a lot of milk. My baby died a few weeks ago, due to this my wife has a lot of pain in her breasts, so she tells me to drink it. I drink my wife's milk every day. Why the color of this milk is yellow The Is this right for my health? Will drinking my wife's milk have any effect on her?

Answer: Yes, you can drink. The color of milk is light yellow for a few days after having a baby, this milk is called colostrum.

It is not good for milk to accumulate in the breasts, either drink it (it will not affect your health) or throw it out, otherwise, it can cause an infection in the breasts and cause Breast Abscess. not good. Also, do hot fomentation on the breasts with a warm cloth. You can also consult a doctor.

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If anything happens, do not hesitate to consult the doctor.

Happy Breastfeeding!

If I drink milk from wife's breast, will I get nutrition from it?

Answer: Yes, you absolutely will. Milk is milk. Whether it comes from your wife or your mother or best-friend or girlfriend, someone's Gf 😉 or a cow or a goat or a whale, it contains nutrients. It does not mean just have to be your wife ;p). In fact, breastmilk is the only food that humans could survive on, eating nothing else. If you tried to do so with any other food you would eventually get deficiencies.

Whether you will like drinking it however is another thing. Some people report it tastes a lot like cow milk, while others say it is creamier and has a “more complex taste”.

Have you ever drink your Gf or wife breast milk? What is it taste? Please comment down below so everyone can get to know about it!

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How a girl's breast milk taste like?

Answer: Milky and sweet. It is so sweet due to the high lactose content, about 40% of total calories in breast milk comes from lactose sugar.

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How Can I increase breast milk?

Answer: It completely depends on your health and needs. You can do the following things to increase and boost breast milk-

  1. Firstly and most important, Breast-feed the baby as much as possible. If you may then nurse a few other babies as well. The main aim is to empty your boobs as much as possible.
  2. Secondly, Stop drinking alcohol and stop smoking. Don't go for any kind of breast enhancement surgeries. Just keep them natural.
  3. Thirdly, Ask your husband or boyfriend to drink as much as possible. They won't say you "No" for it ;). Breast milk is easy to digest and of course good for health. If you have other sex partners ask them the same. Most men can not resist if you offer them breast milk and that will not only increase production but also increase your breast size. Which means you may store much more.
  4. And Fourth, Even after your baby stops drinking if you keep pumping and make your partners drink, then your breast will keep lactating. It’s always helpful to keep your breast working.
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What should I do if I do not produce enough breast milk?

Answer: If you pump in between feeding you can produce more milk. It works on supply and demand. There are teas designed specifically for breastfeeding moms which can easily be found in any health food store. You can also drink fenugreek tea. It will help with your supply. You can also supplement with formula, there are many different types. You also may be able to find donors.

Can a girl produce breast milk when she hasn't done any sexual thing yet? or not pregnant now?

Answer: Yes she can. Some people have estrogen and progesterone sex hormone disturbances which elevate the hormone prolactin which can produce breast milk. Also, certain antidepressants and psychiatric medications are well known for also causing elevated prolactin and breast milk. Finally some tumors. Cancers too cause breast milk. I suggest a full medical checkup if you are concerned.

If you have any related questions about breast and breastfeeding write down below. Happy Breastfeeding! 😉

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