Should Women Allow Their Husbands To Try Their Breast Milk?

Should Women Allow Their Husbands To Try Their Breast Milk

Can you let your husband try your breast milk? I am answering this as a woman and believe this question is ethical. The husband is now the new dad, It is important for new fathers to understand Breastfeeding and not consider this question as derogatory.

The new mom was turned off for any intimate activity, Let that be loud and clear.

We are a nuclear family and had no luxury of any helping hand during the initial phase of parenthood, it was very crucial that I have a hands-on new father. We worked it together and it was the beginning of a wonderful parenthood journey.

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I initiated and asked my partner to try a tablespoon of breastmilk. I believe this is the best thing I ever did for the new father and gave him the opportunity to bond with his child at an infant stage.


Temperature tester: While I was tired, it was him who used to perfectly warm the expressed milk & feed his child. He knew the right temperature. This took off a big burden on me and no burning lips for the baby.

Taster: Sometimes expressed milk curdled although labeled and stored effectively, it varied in taste. During my resting time, if the child refused the expressed milk, the father would taste it without being in contact with the bottle nipple and gave the alternate bottle which tasted different. Additionally, give me dietary advice that baby does not like whatever I ate during that time.

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If a new dad wants to taste the milk directly from the source, it is the couple’s personal choice and No father would compromise on the nutrition of his child.

Hope this answer is approving.

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