9 Types Of Boobs In The World: Which One Do You Have?

Everyone knows that boobs can be either big or small, but did you also know that they can be asymmetric, bell-shaped, or side set? There's a chance you don't even know what some of those words mean when it comes to determining what type of boobs you have, and it turns out that there are many more descriptors beyond just the size. There are words to describe nipple placement, where exactly your boobs sit on your chest, and what direction your boobs even face when they're out in the wild (aka not in a bra). Would you have ever guessed that there are NINE different types of boobs globally? Well, according to bra company ThirdLove's breast shape dictionary, women have one of nine different sets of breasts. All boobs (and nipples) are totally normal, but identifying your exact shape can find you the best bras for your shape. And ThirdLove also recommends the most fitting styles for every breast shape. Here are the 9 types of boobs in the world…

1] Asymmetric

This refers to sets of boobs where one is larger (or smaller) than the other. Push-up bras with removable pads would probably work best, as you can even out your breasts by removing or adding pads.

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2] Athletic

In case you were wondering, you don't have to be an intense athlete to have athletic boobs. These breasts are wider, more muscular-looking, and have less tissue. A wireless bra is perfect for wider boobs — it'll provide comfort and support!

3] East-West

If your nipples point in opposite directions outward, you probably have east west breasts. ThirdLove recommends push-up bras, as they will help gather your breasts to the front of your chest.

4] Relaxed

For the relaxed type, your boobs typically hang downwards and have lax tissue. Though a T-shirt or push-up bra will definitely give your girls a little lift, it's totally fine to embrace your boobs as they are.

5] Bell Shape

Bell shape breasts are thinner at the top and fuller at the bottom. Not surprisingly, they look like bells! A comfy, lifting T-shirt bra would work best for your shape.

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6] Slender

Having a slender shape doesn't necessarily mean that you wear a smaller cup size. It just means that your boobs are on the thinner side — they probably don't take up your entire chest. Bras with a deep plunge can help gather your breasts towards the center.

7] Side Set

Your boobs can be called side set if you have a little space between your breasts. A front-close bra — one that fastens in the front — would be ideal for your breast type!

8] Round

Just as you would expect, round boobs are the type that are fully circular, and equal at the top and bottom of the breasts. Lucky for you, you can pretty much pull off any style of bra with this shape.

9] Tear Drop

Similar to round breasts, the tear drop shape is circular, but your boobs are a little less full at the top. You can also rock any style if you have this type!

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