What Is A Good Perfect Breast Size For A Woman?

What Is A Good Perfect Breast (Boobs) Size for a woman? Well, no such thing as perfect breast size. There’s no objective way to quantify breasts as better or worse. Sure you can measure them, but to say that a measurement is better than another… that’s a subjective decision.

The thing is, everyone has different reasons for the decision they make.

I like my breasts. I think they’re just about the right size for my body.

If I told you my bra size, lots of people would say “OMG you’re huge!” and some other people would say “Honey, I wish I was that small!” Some people would say “That’s the same size as my favorite centerfold!” and some people would say “I don’t care, I just want to see them.”

Like I said, it’s subjective. Different people have different criteria for their preferences.

Before I had breast surgery, I had a lot of people look at me and say: “But your breasts are fine.” My breasts were perfect for them. But they aren’t the ones who had to put them into a bra that felt too lose every day and they aren’t the ones who had to stare at themselves in the mirror feeling boyish rather than womanly because of them and… they weren’t perfect for me.

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They weren’t fine for me. Sometimes (frequently) people who are looking at a pair of breasts have an entirely different opinion about how “perfect” they are then the woman those breasts are attached to and guess what? It’s her body, her opinion matters a hell of a lot more than anyone else’s.

I’ve talked to lots of other women who have implants and we’ve had lots of conversations about what’s ‘ideal.’ For some women, they opt for 300cc implants and their goal is a nice ‘C-cup.’

For other women, they go back for a 2nd augmentation and swap out their first set of implants for an even larger pair in the 700cc+ range and their goal is somewhere in the alphabet past F.

I’ve also talked to women who have had reductions that drop down into DD land, and some that drop down even further.

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Different people prefer different things for a multitude of reasons. Objectively, there’s no such thing as a perfect breast size, no matter how hard the world tries to tell us that we should all aspire to be a 34C with tits so perky we can wear tops so low backed that you can’t possibly wear a bra with them.

Yeah… for most women… not happening. Which is totally fine because there’s no such thing as perfect breasts, just breasts that some people like more than others.

The most important thing (and some times the hardest thing) for many women is to find a way to love the breasts that are attached to their chest and everyone who wants to tell women how they should feel about their breasts can take a flying leap because no one else’s opinion really matters.

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