10 Things To Do When You’re Divorcing an Addict

Any kind of addiction doesn’t only harm a person under its impact but ruins relationships and hurts people around them. Being married to an addict is a serious challenge. So when things go too far, no one will judge a partner to file for divorce. Still, divorcing an addict maybe even more difficult than putting up with their destructive lifestyle. This means you have to do thorough research and prepare well to quit a marriage with an addicted person efficiently.

Deepen Your Knowledge

Start with self-education on the addiction your spouse suffers from. What type it is, how far things got, how difficult it is to recover, whether your partner has some enthusiasm for positive changes. This will take you a decent time of research, talk with online or offline experts, and a sincere discussion with your partner. As a result, you will be able to critically analyze and assess the state of your spouse and your marriage. It will help you to take wise steps next. 

Try to Help

Before you head to easy divorce in New Hampshire services, you should try to help your spouse for the sake of the good moments you had in your marriage. It doesn’t mean that you should necessarily save your relationships, but at least aid your partner as the person you care about.

Talk them into trying a different kind of therapy and rehabilitation, encourage them to join support groups and communities, motivate them to work for changes. Mind that threatening with divorce usually won’t bring any good. Don’t use separation as a weapon to force your partner to come clean. Instead, find positive things for motivation and inspiration if you really want to help.

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Find a Family Lawyer

Helping your soon-to-be-ex you shouldn’t forget about organizing things properly for your divorce. So your primary step here is cooperation with specialists. Get a good family lawyer or a divorce attorney who is experienced in similar cases. They will get you aware of the local legislation regarding divorce with an addict. Every state has different regulations as to such situations so that you’d better know what to expect.

Gather Documents and Copies

A good lawyer will also help you gather all necessary documents and copies in advance so that you are fully equipped when the time comes. When dealing with addiction and divorce, it is essential to gather documents that can prove your partner’s issue. This will help you to win the top equitable outcomes at the end of the divorce process.

Considering your partner’s substance-influenced and unpredictable behavior, it is also wise to make copies of all the documents. Make paper and electronic copies and store them in several places to keep yourself safe.

Prepare to Custody Agreement

If you have kids, they should be your priorities in the divorce. In case you see that your addict partner creates a severe threat to your children, you have to aim at full custody for yourself. You’d better consult your lawyer hot to reach such results in your state. But the definite thing is for you to gather documents and witnesses to prove your spouse is an inappropriate parent. Don’t let your spouse get manipulative here, and try hard to supply the best living conditions for your kids.

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Care about Your Finances

Having a drug-addicted spouse often involves issues with finances. No matter what they are addicted to, your partner is doomed to waste all the savings on the addictions and will get their hands to your joint accounts and personal belongings eventually. So in order to care about your finances, you’d better move your assets to separate accounts as soon as possible. You should also change passwords and safe words from any account your spouse may know about. Then financial advisor may help you create an efficient protection plan and post-divorce budget for a secure and confident financial future.

Protect Your Property

In the same way as with finances, divorcing an addict may put your personal property under threat. If you have any valuable things in the house that belong to you solemnly, you can collect and move everything to a safer place before your partner use them for their addiction needs. You can also get your property evaluated and registered so that the property division during the divorce is as equitable as possible.

Create Safety Plan

Suppose you know that due to their addiction your spouse may behave unpredictably and dangerously for you or your kids. You’d better create a safety plan before you even announce the divorce. Transfer the necessary belongings and some of the clothes you may need to your close relative or friend. So that in case your partner goes berserk because you ask for a divorce or they are to harm you or your kids in any way, you have where and how to escape to.

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Get Ready with Accommodation Alternatives

You may need to change your accommodation before, during, or right after the divorce. This means you should have options where to move to when the time comes. Don’t rely strongly on your marital home. Even if the court decides for you and your kids to keep it, it doesn’t mean that your house is the safest and the most appropriate place for your family to stay at. So think about the accommodation alternatives in advance.

Seek Support

Being a spouse of an addict is challenging, though divorcing them isn’t going to be the easiest task as well. Addicted people can become manipulative, harass you physically and emotionally. You shouldn’t be afraid or ashamed to search for support during the divorce. Share your hurdles with your close friends, relatives, and therapist. Let them support you so that you manage your divorce safely and with the top beneficial results.

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