7 Most Notable Rape Cases In History Of India Before Hathras Gang-Rape 2020

Most Notable Rape Cases In History Of India Before Hathras Gang-Rape 2020
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Manisha Valmiki Gang-rape Hathras case 2020 is the year’s biggest controversy case right now. How much time Indian laws will stay weak against criminal minds? Is it really safe for a girl walking alone outside at midnight or even in daily life? Here are some of the most notable rape cases in India which will make you think about weak Indian law and rapidly increasing the number of rape cases in India. The cases, whose victims crossed their all limits of humanity.

India has a very much population where millions-billions are people struggling with their lives. In this situation, sometimes the laws become so worthless for some guys and made them act like “Gand Rape”.

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Rape Cases In India Increases Over 7% in 2019 from 2018

According to the Crimes in India -2019 report, it shows that rape crimes against underage and 18 years above women have gone up by 7.3% last year. The crime rate registered per 100K women population is 62.4% in 2019, up from the 58.8% figure of 2018.

 According to the latest data released by the National Crime Records Bureau, India recorded an average of 87 rape cases every day in 2019, almost one rape case every 15 minutes in India. 4,05,861 cases of crimes against women during the year, which is a rise of over 7% from 2018.

Most Notable Rape Cases In Indian History Before Hathras Gang-Rape 2020

Well, here are some of the most notable Rape cases and incidents that happened in history before the Manisha Valmiki Rape Case 2020 that went too far for humanity and crime.

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1] Ajmer Rape Case (1992)

In 1992, the Ajmer rape case was one of India’s hugest cases of coerced sexual exploitation, with more than a hundred underage schoolgirls expected to have been sexually molested and raped. Most accused were from the Ajmer Dargah of Moinuddin Chishti.

2]  Delhi Gang Rape Case (2012)

On 16 December 2012, The gang-rape of a 23-year-old student on a public bus, sparked large protests across the capital New Delhi. She was with a male friend who was severely beaten with an iron rod. The same rod was used to grasp her so severely that the victim’s intestines had to be surgically removed, before her death 13 days after the attack.

The Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha, Sushma Swaraj, demanded that “the rapists should be hanged”. Thousands of people, mostly young, engaged in a massive protest on 22 December. Police arrested six men assumed of rape.

3] Shakti Mills Gang Rape, Mumbai (2013)

In August 2013, a 22-year-old photojournalist, who was interning with an English magazine in Mumbai, was inhumane gang-raped by five persons, including a juvenile, when she had gone to the deserted Shakti Mills compound, near Mahalaxmi in South Mumbai, with a male co-worker on an assignment.

This caused demonstrations throughout the country since Mumbai, which has a very active nightlife, was previously considered a safe haven for women.

The Mumbai sessions court found the involved guilty and punished the death penalty to the three repeat offenders in the Shakti Mills gang-rape case, making them the first in the country to get the death order stipulated under the newly constituted Section 376E of the Indian Penal Code.

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4] Ranaghat Rape-Case (2015)

On 14 March 2015, a 71-year-old nun was gang-raped in Ranaghat, West Bengal by invaders at the Convent of Jesus and Mary. The six invaders were recorded on CCTV during their crime of ransacking the chapel, destroying religious items, looting cash, and the gang rape.

Six men were arrested and charged with the crime by 1 April 2015 and identified to be Bangladeshi Muslims.

5] Delta Meghwal Rape Case (2016)

On 29 March 2016, a 17-year-old Dalit girl, Delta Meghwal, was found in her hostel’s water tank. Following the registration of the police case the hostel warden, education teacher, and principal were caught by Bikaner police and kept under judicial custody. The State eventually consented to a CBI inquiry after the issue became politicized.

6] Unnao Rape Case (2017)

The Uttar Pradesh’s Unnao rape case saw an assertion that former BJP member and lawmaker Kuldeep Singh Sengar had raped a 17-year old girl in 2017. In 2018, the asserted victim’s father was jailed under the Arms Act and died in prison after being allegedly beaten up by Sengar’s brother and several others. Also in 2018, a witness to the alleged crime, Yunus, died and was immediately buried by his family with no autopsy and no communication to police or investigators.

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Yunus’ wife and family said Yunus had been ill and died a natural death. The uncle of the alleged victim was arrested and jailed in 2018 due to an 18-year-old gun-firing case.

In 2019, a truck with blackened license plates hit the car in which the alleged victim and others were riding in. As a result, the victim’s paternal and maternal aunts were killed. The asserted victim and her lawyer were critically injured. The police officers assigned to provide security for the alleged victim were not present, with the explanation that there was no space in the car in which the alleged victim was traveling in.

7] Asifa Rape Case, Kathua (2018)

On 17 January 2018, Asifa, an 8-year old, so underage, a minor girl, was brutally raped and murdered in Rasana village near Kathua in Jammu and Kashmir. The incident made nationwide news when charges were filed against eight men in April 2018. The arrests of the involved led to protests from groups, one of which was attended by two ministers from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), both of whom have now retired. The rape and murder, as well as the support the cited received, sparked extensive outrage.

Jammu and Kashmir, Northeast India, Mumbai, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh have the most rape cases per year.

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