A Woman So Desperate For Breast Reduction ‘My Boobs Are So Big But NHS Won’t Fund Reduction’


Carly Smart (21) is so despairing to lessen her 36JJ breasts but is now having to fundraise for the costly operation after ‘being rejected by the NHS’ due to her BMI.


A woman whose breasts are so huge that she accidentally burnt her nipples on a kettle has been denied a breast reduction operation on the NHS.


21 years old Waitress Carly Smart says her 36JJ boobs have also knocked over drinks at the pub she works at and she ‘nearly burnt off her nipple’ on a scorching hot kettle.

That is just one ordeal she’s endured thanks to her large breasts – which weigh a stone and a half.


She has also faced a range of physical issues – including back pain and rashes that turn her skin ‘lobster red’ and ‘smell like rotting flesh’

Now she’s been forced to set up a GoFundMe to help fund her breast reduction after ‘she was rejected by the NHS’ due to not meeting the minimum 25 BMI criteria.

Carly, who is 5ft 6in bride-to-be says that her big bust has become a ‘running joke’ at work from knocking over glasses and ‘suffocating’ her when she bends over.

Carly, of Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, said:


One time I didn’t even know my boob was literally touching the side of my kettle. I was like ‘oh my God’, so I nearly burnt my nipple off at that point.

“I didn’t even realise it was touching it until a good 20 seconds and I was like ‘oh no, there we go’.

“When I hold trays I have to hold them a little bit higher up because the amount of glasses I’ve knocked over with my boobs is ridiculous.

“At one waitressing job we had to have a uniform. They weren’t catered to female bodies and didn’t fit at all. In the end, I had to get two, three XL men’s size shirts. One time all of my buttons just popped right open in front of a good five customers, it was the most embarrassing thing ever.


“Whenever I’m in the bar and bending down to get extra stock, I’ve literally just got tits in my face. I’m just like suffocating on my boobs as I’m trying to get something.

“It’s so difficult to say this in such a serious way because if I don’t make a joke, I’ll cry.

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“I make a running joke about them at work because I know they’re obviously there. People have accidentally touched my boob and gone ‘oh my God, I’m so sorry’ and I’m just like ‘yeah, they’re always in the way. If anything my boob touched you’.”

Carly said she had big breasts from a young age but when she reached 17 they kept growing and growing and she had a different cup size every week until they were a stone-and-a-half.


She first approached the doctors then, in a bid to try to get a breast reduction.

“At one point I went to the doctor and explained it to them and the disgusting thing is, she turned to me and said ‘maybe we’ll up your anti-depressants so you don’t have to think about it as much’.

— Carly said.

“I was like ‘what? You’re going to up my anti-depressants so I don’t think about my boobs as much?’ That was the most ridiculous saying I’ve ever heard.

“I think that was the point where I was like ‘yeah, I’m not getting any help here at all’.


“One of the reasons was my BMI. I explained that my boobs were quite heavy and asked why that was included in the BMI still and they said that was just how it is kind of thing, they couldn’t change specifications.

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“The other thing was the fact that it’s an expensive surgery, it’s very unlikely that I’ll get it and that they couldn’t afford it basically.

“All I get told is ‘lose weight, lose weight, lose weight’.

“I’ve been to a surgeon before and it was a really bad experience because he looked at me and was like ‘your BMI is really high so the NHS won’t take you and I won’t take you either’ and basically just like turned to me and said ‘oh, you’re obese’.


“He basically wants me to get down to a ridiculous size. My BMI is at 32 now and he wants me to get to 25 like a healthy weight, but I think I would break my back if I was that slim with my boobs. I don’t think my body would be able to cope, it can hardly cope as it is.”

Carly claims that she had an eating disorder during her teenage years and that she hasn’t lost weight as she knows it’s a ‘slippery slope’ from doing so to then having a bad mindset on her body.

Carly said: “Even though I’m only 21, I feel like I’ve lost so much of my youth because I can’t move like other people, it does affect my day-to-day life.

“It physically hurts. Under my boobs, I get extreme rashes and they are really painful. It goes to the point where my skin is lobster red.


“It gets to the point where it’s like an itch where it hurts. The only other way I can explain it is if you had chickenpox all under your boobs. I do find that it’s disgusting but it smells like rotting flesh.”

“They just hang off of me. It’s really difficult, I can’t really control where they are. Wearing a bra is the best bet, but it also hurts.

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“Whenever I’m home I try to not wear a bra as much as possible because whenever take it off my boobs feel like they’re being ripped off my body, they’re very heavy.

“My back pain is ridiculous at points.


“Whenever I came home from school I used to just lie on my floor and cry. It felt like my back was about to snap like a match stick, it was horrible.”

Carly wears size 20-24 clothes due to the size of her bust which are either too tight or leave her ‘drowning’ in fabric – and that she feels like an ‘absolute tent’ in baggy t-shirts.

Carly said: “I feel like I can’t keep control of my body. I don’t feel like one person, I feel like I’ve got to carry these two lumps around with me. It’s so weird. It’s a lot.

“It’s difficult because depending on what I wear depends on what my body looks like. I could have so many different body types from what I wear.


“It’s horrible because sometimes I don’t feel comfortable wearing anything but I obviously I have to wear something and don’t want to be naked. I just don’t want to be in my body anymore.

“My partner is really supportive. Obviously, he loves me how I am and likes my body but he also sees the struggles that I go through.

“When I was having an especially bad day he went away for a while and came back and was like ‘right, so here’s my bank account and I’ve opened up this savings account for a breast reduction and we’re going to do this’.

“I literally cried.”


Carly said that she hardly has any bras given they’re up to £50 a pop and that when her dog tries to lie beside her in bed he’ll manage to step on her breasts which relentlessly gets in the way.

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The 21-year-old has made her own jewellery to sell to help raise some cash for the procedure which she hopes will reduce her cup size to a more manageable DD cup.

Carly said: “Ideally I want to have the surgery before getting married and I know that’s not going to happen which is honestly heartbreaking.

“It was why we started a saving pot because I was so distraught and hated the idea of walking down the aisle with my boobs. Now it’s come to a reality that I’m going to have to either way.


“I was very reluctant to set up a GoFundMe because it is like a charity and I felt bad because everyone’s telling me ‘this is a cosmetic surgery’ and I just felt guilty because it was like ‘hey, give me money so I can have a boob job’ and it obviously wasn’t exactly that.

“In the end, I was like ‘I’ve made these earrings, I’ve already said a bit of my story, I’m just going to be open about it’ and I made a video and put it on my Instagram and the number of people that messaged me and it made me go ‘you know what, I think people would actually help’.

“I hate the idea of asking for money for something that I want, but it’s a need as well.”

Now the bride-to-be who is set to walk down the aisle this August is fundraising for a £1,500 deposit to secure the £7,000 procedure.


You can donate to Carly’s GoFundMe here.

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