Can a Person Live Life Completely Without Sexual Relations?

Can a Person Live Life Completely Without Any Sexual Relations
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Life Without Sex? Can a Person Live Life Completely Without Any Sexual Relations? Can you live life without sex? This is a really good question. For getting the answer, read this story.

A disciple, who was a disciple of a teacher whose entry into the Ashram ( A Place where he taught ) of women was forbidden or, so to say, completely banned.

One day Guru had spread disease in the village near the forest where the Guru lived. The people of the village prayed to the Guru that if there is some kind of remedy, then the village will be happy again.

Then the Guru decided to perform a ritual under which the people of the village were asked to stay in their homes. And the Guru engaged in rituals with his other accomplished disciples. Medicine and incense stuff started being prepared.

For this reason, those people who used to arrange food for the Guru and his disciples stayed in the village. That is why the Guru sent his youngest disciple to the village to take alms. And said that this path leads directly to the village. And go to the village and bring enough food for us.

Life Without Sex: Can a Person Live Life Completely Without Sexual Relations?

The disciple had never seen a woman before in life, his parents had gifted her to the Guru’s service as soon as he was born.

The disciple walked towards the village with a big bag and with a stick for support. On reaching the village, he made a voice for alms outside a house.

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A woman inside the house told her daughter that some saint has come outside and given some bread. The daughter was in her youth. When she went to that teenage disciple with food, the disciple saw what kind of man whose chest is so bulging. Because he had never seen a woman before, he thought that maybe this is a disease because even after being so tall, she has neither a mustache nor a beard.

So the disciple touched the breasts of the girl who came to give bread due to curiosity. As soon as he touched, the girl screamed and ran and called her mother. When the disciple saw her mother and heard her voice, he was stunned that this is a very terrible disease. But the mother of the girl says bad words about that disciple that he is a wolf, He in the disguise of a sadhu. You are not ashamed of who is teasing my daughter.

On hearing this, the disciple asked — Are these changes have happened in your body due to the disease that has spread in this village? Is that because of this your chest has become so big and your voice has become thin, along with beard and mustache have also fallen? I was touching it because of this curiosity.

After listening to this, the woman said to him that my husband will punish you very harshly for teasing the girl if he finds out. So go away, you are very gentle from here, I do not want you to be beaten up. And do not show your face again in this village.

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The disciple was surprised and returned from there to his teacher. What did he do wrong? Which he had to face so much anger.

After reaching back, he directly narrated the whole incident to his Guru and asked what was this secret?

Guru said that there is a male and a female in each vagina. All the people you see here are all males and those you saw were females in the village.

The disciple asked why his chest was so bulging? Then the Guru went deeper and told that God has made the womb inside the female. When the female starts growing, then gradually her breasts also get bigger. So that when she grows up and conceives, the child born from her womb can come into this world and drink milk.

The disciple asked – Why only milk? So the teacher said that the child is very helpless as soon as it is born. And he is not able to digest anything other than mother’s milk. That is why God has arranged his food.

After hearing all this, the disciple understood everything. And started saying to the Guru, O Lord, forgive me when that God has already arranged for the unborn child who does not know when to be born. And I fooled into this worry about what would happen tomorrow. Now all my problems and worries have been resolved.

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That God had made complete arrangements for me even before my birth. And I do not know where I was living my life as a doer, that I am doing whatever is happening to me.

My darkness is gone Guru ji, I am no longer worried. That God is the doer himself, putting everyone in the delusion of the doer. There is nothing left for me except for his devotion. I walked towards him!

The Guru told the disciple to complete your education and become absorbed in your devotion.

When our ignorance goes away, this type of quietness is born. And after that there is no desire to enjoy.

I believe that everything is possible in this world. As long as the desire to make sexual relations remains in the brain, then human cannot stay away from it or without doing it. If a person says that he does not have sexual relations, then he may not have made or has not been able to make a physical relationship, but his brain has done everything.

When the brain becomes completely reclusive, then the human is freed from all relations. Now I guess you have the answer if really a Person Live Life Completely Without Sexual Relations and can he live without sex.

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