China: Girlfriend Arrives At Blind Date With 23 Friends, Boyfriend Ran Away After Seeing Bill Amount

It is common for a couple to go on a date, but in China, it became worse for a boyfriend on one blind date. A young boy's girlfriend reached at the restaurant with her 23 friends, after seeing the huge amount of the bill, her lover escaped from the spot.

Actually, the couple who came close to each other through social media and phone in Zhejiang, province of China, planned for a blind date and chose a good restaurant for this. The two were set up everything to meet the first time.

The man reached the restaurant ahead as per the scheduled time and started preparing to meet his girl. After some time, the girlfriend came on a date, not alone but also brought 23 friends and relatives with her.

At first, everything was going fine and they met each other and also had dinner together with much talking. After in end, when the bill was handed to the young man, the lover got nervous after seeing the huge bill amount and escaped from there.

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In fact, the young man had to pay a bill of around 19800 Yuan i.e. Rs 2,19,000 rupees or $3000 dollars, seeing that bill amount, the ground slipped under his feet. The young man thought it would be so much better to just run away instead of paying this bill.

After the incident, the girl told that she had come with her 23 friends and relatives on a blind date to check the generosity of the lover. After the man escaped, the girl had to pay the restaurant bill amount. However, the girl filed a police complaint against the boy, after which the boy was ready to pay the bill of only 2 tables.

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