Coronavirus Case Count: 1,131,452 Confirmed Cases in the US and 3,401,190 Worldwide


[Updated] Coronavirus Case Count: The number of people suffering from this due to the Coronavirus Epidemic is increasing very fast all over the world. The latest reports say that currently, there are 1,131,452 confirmed cases in the U.S. and 3,401,190 confirmed cases worldwide.

And these numbers will rise day by day. Doctors have found a symptom of the epidemic Coronavirus to get alert so you can find out if you have Coronavirus Disease. Doctors around the world are reported that a lost sense of taste and smell as a possible symptom of COVID-19.

Global people keep trying to be safe, by social distancing, self-isolation at home or at the workplace. The global government is trying to fight against this Coronavirus.

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CountryConfirmed CasesTotal DeathsTotal Recovered
United States1,131,45265,776161,563
Udated as of Date 2 May 2020

Plus there are also some Coronavirus myths between people. The right information is a must need a thing to get aware of this epidemic disease.

There is also the latest news coming about Tokyo 2020 Olympics, The International Olympic Committee says -- they will decide within four weeks whether to delay or scale down the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo. Canceling is not on the agenda, for now.

Thus everything is now affected by it. here is a last week's data chart of Coronavirus cases per country excluding China, on 4 March 2020.

Coronavirus Case Count: Confirmed Corona Cases per Country Data Chart ( on 4 March 2020), excluded China

Clearly showing, the Coronavirus cases in South Korea are much more growth as compared to Italy, Iran, and other countries. And then after 14 days, till 18 March 2020, Coronavirus in Italy had the highest coronavirus confirmed cases rate than Iran, Spain, Germany, France, South Kora, USA, Switzerland, Norway, Austria, Denmark, UK, Belgium. See the chart photo --

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Coronavirus cases per country data chart excluding china (till 18 March 2020)

Although the government said that everything should be locked out. But people didn't take it seriously, made Italy, Germany, UK and USA most growing confirmed cases virus-infected countries worldwide excluded China.

Thus, Coronavirus awareness, social distancing, can help to fight against this disease.

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