Egyptian Queen Cleopatra Used To Do These 5 Things To Look Young And Beautiful Besides Bathing With Donkey Milk

Egyptian Queen Cleopatra Used To Do These 5 Things To Look Young And Beautiful Besides Bathing With Donkey Milk

Queen Cleopatra Beauty Secrets: There have been so many queens in history, whose beauty is still exemplified. In the queens of history, the name of Queen Cleopatra of Egypt is recorded as a mysterious figure, the mystery of whose secret is still going on. It is said about Queen Cleopatra that she was considered more clever, conspiratorial and cruel than she was beautiful and sexy. It is said that she had physical relations with many men. According to historians, she had committed suicide by biting herself on her chest with a snake, while many historians say that she died of drug abuse.

However, seeing the beauty of Queen Cleopatra of Egypt, she was also called the goddess of beauty. She used many mysterious materials to preserve her beauty and youth. It is not hidden from anyone that Queen Cleopatra used to use donkey milk for bathing.

Let us know what else she used to do to maintain her beauty and youth.

1] Bath With Donkey Milk

Cleopatra used to bath with donkey milk to preserve her beauty. She used to mix turmeric in milk to get more benefits. The lactic acid, vitamins, minerals, proteins, bioactive enzymes found in milk in the donkey help to improve the skin.

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2] Use of Royal Jelly

It is said that Cleopatra used Royal Jelly in her beauty routine to moisturize her skin. It is said that Royal Jelly was made from bees. Essential vitamins and minerals are found in jelly, which moisturizes the skin well.

3] Kajal (Lampblack) Was Made Like This

As beautiful as the queen was, her eyes looked beautiful to her. It is said that the queen used to apply black galina or green malachite to make her eyes attractive, which was prepared from cinnamon bark or frankincense. Apart from this, natural oils or animal fats were mixed in this mascara, which along with making the eyes healthy, also protected them from problems in the eyes.

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4] Dead Sea-Salt To Increased Brightness Of Skin

Cleopatra used dead sea salt to exfoliate her skin, which removes dead cells from the skin and prevents pimples. Sea salt was an important part of the queen's royal bath.

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5] Henna Used To Apply On Nails

It is believed that Cleopatra used to apply Henna on her nails as well as to enhance their beauty. Henna on nails was seen as nail polish.

It is said that Queen Cleopatry was as beautiful as she was clever. She had knowledge of five languages, due to which she could easily know all her secrets by connecting with anyone. She used to tie men easily to her beauty and love of youth, but she used these things regularly to maintain her beauty.

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