Girl Story: I’m sorry, You’re HIV Positive and Pregnant!

Girl Story I'm sorry, You're HIV Positive and Pregnant!
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This is a girl story advice, just for Spread for awareness.

You found him on facebook.

You check his Profile picture.

He is handsome.

He inboxed you.

You reply, all excited.

You’ll want 2 hook up.

You set a date.

You dress up that perfume on.

Smelling good.

You put on a make up.

Fresh breath and new weave.

He takes you for lunch.

He takes you for drinks.

You two have a good time.

He rubs your hand and makes you laugh.

Gives you looks and smiles.

You stupidly fall in love.

It’s like you’ve known him forever.

He takes you to his apartment.

He makes you feel comfortable.

He lays you on his bed.

He kisses you passionately.

You love his aggression, his strength.

You love his power and you give in.

He feels good. Everything seems good.

You know it’s wrong, but it feels good.

You ask for protection, he says it’s too late.

You obey and don’t disturb.

He says he loves you.

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And you don’t hesitate to say,

That you love him too.

He hits it nice and slow.

After, he goes to the kitchen,

to get a glass of water.

He helps you drink it, ooohh man.

You feel special.

“He must be the one” you think to yourself.

You get dressed.

He takes you to the taxi park.

He kisses you on the cheeks and says

“I had a great time”

Gives you cash to pay for the taxi.

You smile and say.

“See you tomorrow babe.”

He stays silent.

Your taxi drives away,

In the taxi you can’t stop smiling.

You get home and inbox him that you got home safe.

He is online, but doesn’t reply.

It’s unlike him, so you inbox him again.

He doesn’t respond.

Minutes later you can’t find him on your friend list. HE BLOCKED YOU.

Days, weeks, months passes by.

You start feeling sick, weak, lose weight, act strange with sores in your mouth.

You go to the clinic.

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Get tested.

Minutes later,

Nurse walks in.”I’m sorry. You’re HIV Positive and Pregnant!

“HOW ?”

You don’t understand. Reality hits you.

You walk home. Scared. Confused.

You go to the bus stop.

You lay, hopeless, emotionless.

You see death coming nearer.

You look into the sky & mumble a prayer.

That’s the end of you.

Don’t be that girl! Live well.

Stop Chasing Material Things.

Stop chasing SPONSORS!!

Be A Girl You Want Your Daughter To Be!


It’s not necessary that will happen with you but who knows you are the next. Never take risks especially when it’s about your life. The one who loves you truly will give you time and understand after all it’s KALYUG.


It’s not only about me but for everyone.

It’s a poem to spread awareness.

Never play with someone’s feelings.

Before you do this just think what if same happens with your sister or anyone who is close to you.

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Not about female only, boys too have feelings.

Don’t ever play with someone’s feelings.

If you are not interested in that person, better you say directly. But don’t do all these “time pass”.

It hurts.

You won’t realize until it happens with you or your loved ones.

But why to think so far.

Just today only, right now promise yourself that you will never play with someone’s feelings whether a girl or boy.

Respect others feelings.

Whatever you have in your mind about that person say.

Again just a reminder,

From all the toys in the world, people choose feelings to play with.

Don’t play with someone’s feelings, you may win the game but you will surely lose someone.

Respect peoples feelings. Even if it does not mean anything to you, it could mean everything to someone.

Think before you act.

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