I Can't Upload Video Without Without Censoring My Nipples Because Of Instagram Community Guidelines

Story From the Internet: Do you want to know what has shocked me today? I opened my Instagram and saw this picture on my feed. The captions were on the picture were, " I can't upload this video without censoring my nipples because of Instagram Community Guidelines. Stupid Policy, I Hope It changes soon."

This is a very sensitive topic to talk about, because these pseudo feminists will kick me off with that women card.

You are walking to the mall naked, showing off your nipples, b**bs, and the next day you will say "Stop sexualizing me, I am a woman, stop staring at my b**bs".

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Feminism means both men and women are expected to be equally treated because before women was always given less freedom but now things have changed.

These girls can't misuse their power even I am a girl. I treat both men and women equally if suppose I was a boy, also if a girl would have slapped me or kicked me so I would have definitely kicked her back.

People will call me shameless, I will call myself a true feminist.

There are children all around the mall, it would be so uncomfortable for real, even if a man would have done that, roaming around shirtless, so everyone would start being uncomfortable fr.

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Feminism means EVERYONE SHOULD GET EQUAL RIGHTS, but these pseudos want to flaunt vulgarity and make chaos to get attention.

Do you think these kinds of girls are doing right? Showing their private parts in the public area just to get some attention on social media.

What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments!

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