I have been suffering from HIV since having sex with a prostitute – Real Life Story

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Real-Life Story: I have been suffering from HIV since having sex with a prostitute. This is a real-life story a Mumbaiya Boy. He is basically a postgraduate in a college in Mumbai, He has been interested in sexual content since childhood…of-course every man loves sex.

He was a biology student. So he already knew about STD, HIV, AIDS but still, he could not stop himself from getting affected by it. This was when he was yearning to achieve sexual pleasure.

He could not get the sexual pleasure from masturbation as he had previously thought that now he felt that he had to have sex in reality.

At the time, he was very curious about — what it is like to have sex. how it feels? Is sex is good or bad before marriage? How does a girl feel while during sex?

However, He wanted to feel the pleasure of sex at any cost. He tried to make girlfriends but due to his bad luck, he could not find a girl for sex, all he got was either Papa’s angel or from a very conservative family. He knew that none of them would give me sex. Will not give to do.

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Now the only thing he had was that he could go to the Bagino ( House of ill-fame Hindi: Vaishyalay).

He went to Kamathipura, Mumbai. As soon as he got there, the girls around were calling him inside.

Some 200, some 500 and some 1000 were telling their value, depending on their status. The prostitutes had makeup all over their faces, they all had fake mischievous smiles on their faces.

He doesn’t know why but he liked a woman there who looked something like this.

A Real-Life Story Of Sex-worker and a Mumbaiyan Man
A Real-Life Story Of Sex-worker and a Mumbaiyan Man

She took 500 rupees from him. She took him inside a room, the condition of the room and bedsheet was very dirty and smelled badly.

But He was so blind in sexuality that he did not pay any attention to those things at all… every guy wouldn’t!

I don’t want to write a sex story here but am trying to express everything using less dirty words.

First, she took her body naked. He was mesmerized seeing her naked body and beauty. The young energetic hormones inside him were bouncing up and down.

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Then she also did naked to me. He wore a condom so that sex would be safe but she told him to remove it but he did not listen to her.

Then he started playing with his penis when he was in the 7th sky. Then he inserted my penis in it, he started enjoying it very much.

But when his semen was about to ejaculate in her vagina, he found that the condom was missing. He was so lost in sexual pleasure that he didn’t even realize that the condom was left in the middle.

Inside, various thoughts arose in his mind that he might not get any serious disease. He angrily asked her— why did you remove the condom?

She said — ” I removed it because I love sex without a condom.”

That day when He left from there, so many thoughts were coming in his mind, all the way that nothing bad should happen to him, but he consoled his mind that nothing bad will happen.

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After two months he came to know that He has HIV and soon will develop AIV which will lead to his death. Eighty percent of prostitutes have HIV.

In his case, you can see that she removed the condom for her pleasure without asking me.

So the moral of the story is all prostitutes are completely illiterate. Having Sex with a prostitute sometime will cost you more than just money. I strongly request all of you, especially youngsters, not to have sex with any prostitute in your life. Just be Safe! Rather sex with your girlfriend or just use your Hands! It is better than having AIDS or HIV. Thanks for reading this story.

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