Masturbated? 7 Special Things To Keep in Mind After It

Masturbated? 7 Special Things To Keep in Mind After It
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For every man or woman, Do you Masturbate? Are you thinking is it right or wrong? What are some side effects of masturbation? In this article, we will discuss some Special Things To Keep in Mind After Masturbation | After doing masturbation, mainly these things should be noted and take care off —

#1 If you are a man and have done masturbation then after that you should first clean your penis gentle thoroughly with clean water.

#2 For male, One must urinate after masturbation, because the sperms that remain in the groove of the penis becomes harmful, due to which one can cause a burning sensation in the urine.

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#3 Ever imagine a weakness or dehydration after it? You will feel weakness after masturbation So don’t forget to eat bananas and drink plenty of water.

#4 Women must urinate after masturbation, sometimes laziness comes after getting climax, but should urinate after masturbation. By doing this you can enter all the bacteria and germs that have entered your body which has gone to your private part along with your finger or dildo which can be excreted by urinating. So it is really necessary for a woman’s health.

#5 For Woman, Clean the vagina part thoroughly.

#6 If the dildo was used in masturbation, then please do not take a bath immediately with warm water, because the vagina remains lightly open and then there may be a risk of infection.

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#7 If the dildo or any artificial object is used for masturbation, clean it thoroughly, and keep it clean.

These are some seven important things you must do after masturbation or reaching the orgasm. Stay Safe!!!

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