Sex Life In Lockdown: The Revelations In UK Research

Sex Life In Lockdown The Revelations In UK Research
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According to UK Research, people are upset and stressed due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). This is the reason that despite being in lockdown the whole time, the couples are keeping distance in making physical relationships. — The Revelations In UK Study

If you think that due to the lockdown, the couples are enjoying more with each other and spending more time in their bed, then you are totally wrong. According to new research, 6 out of 10 people have kept away from sex during this Coronavirus epidemic. This study is also published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine


According to this study, led by Professor Lee Smith and Mark Tully of the UK’s Anglia Ruskin University, only 40% of UK people have sex at least once a week. Among the people surveyed, 39.9% of people had done some kind of sexual activity in the last few days.

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The authors of the study say that due to the stress and lockdown caused by the epidemic, most couples are unable to make physical connections at this time.

Doctor Smith said, ” Because of the lockdown people are in the houses and while starting this research we expected that sexual activity between couples would be more but interestingly we found very few cases of this.

The authors of the study say that at this time most people are worried because of the epidemic and because of inappropriate mood, they are keeping a distance from sexual relations. Apart from this, people who are not married, or having a relationships as boyfriend/girlfriend, are not able to meet their sexual partners because of the lockdown.

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