Shahrukh Khan Is The Debtor Of Chunky Pandey, The Relationship Of Both Is More Than Salman Khan

Shah Rukh Khan will never forget the time when Chunky Pandey became his big support during the days of Struggle. This is from the 80s. Then Shahrukh came to Mumbai to make a career. Shah Rukh always says to Chunky, 'Chunky is my best friend'.

Whenever it comes to friendship and love, the name of Shah Rukh Khan comes first in the mind. Even after becoming a big star, Shahrukh did not forget those people who supported him in difficult days and stood as a strong support. One of them is actor Chunky Pandey.

Very few people would know that as much as Shahrukh considers Salman Khan as his best friend, he believes in Chunky Pandey and his family more than that. Shah Rukh once said that Chunky Pandey is his best friend and above all.

Shahrukh And Chunky's Deep Driendship Is Reflected From The Childhood

Shahrukh khan and Chunky Pandey

Some similar friendship is seen in the children of Chunky and Shahrukh. Chunky Pandey's daughter Ananya Pandey is Shah Rukh's daughter Suhana's best friend. Ananya is not only a good friend of Suhana but also Aryan Khan. But today Aryan is trapped in the drugs case and Ananya's name is also coming out in the same case. But even in such a situation, Ananya and her family have not left Shahrukh's family.

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Chunky gave Shahrukh A Place To Live, Help In Career

Now let's talk about the time when Chunky Pandey became a big support for Shahrukh Khan and helped him to set foot in the industry. Shahrukh and Chunky Pandey's friendship started in the 80s when Shahrukh came to Mumbai to pursue a career. At that time Chunky Pandey was one of the top stars and was doing a lot of films. Shahrukh had told how Chunky gave him shelter in his house. During the days of Struggle, he stayed at Chunky Pandey's house.

Chunky Pandey was a big name in those days and he used to take Shahrukh with him wherever he went. He then introduced Shahrukh to the people of the industry and got acquainted. It is said that Chunky Pandey helped Shahrukh to start his career even further.

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Shahrukh-Chunky's Relationship Got Stronger With Time

It was because of Chunky Pandey that Shahrukh was able to make his place in the film industry and for this he will be thankful for Chunky's life. Shah Rukh praised Chunky Pandey on several occasions. He says, 'Chunky is my best friend.' With time, the friendship and relationship between Shahrukh and Chunky Pandey deepened and the same bond is seen in their children as well. Shah Rukh and Chunky's children i.e. Aryan, Suhana and Ananya are close friends. Shahrukh and Chunky's wives i.e. Gauri Khan and Bhavna Pandey are also best friends.

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