Trump Vs Obama: Pictures that Illustrate the Difference Between USA Presidents

Trump Vs Obama Pictures that Illustrate the difference Between USA Presidents
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Trump Vs Obama | Donald Trump And Barack Obama, these two personalities are the most unforgettable US Presidents in history. Where Mr Obama is the 44th president of the United States from 2009 to 2017 there Donald John Trump is the 45th and current president of the United States. We have some pictures of them that really show the difference between these two USA Presidents.

#1 Donald Trump And Barack Obama with their daughter

Donald Trump with his daughter Ivanka Trump.

Photo: Trump with his daughter Ivanka.

Barack Obama with his daughter Malia.

Photo: Barack Obama And daughter Malia

#2 Donald Trump Vs Barack Obama

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Trump tosses paper towels for victims of hurricane hurricanes in Puerto Rico.

Obama hugging and comforting the parents of the victims of a public shootout.

#3 President Obama Vs Mr Trump With Children

Trump and the children.

Photo: USA President Donald Trump with Children

While Obama with children.

Photo: Barack Obama With Children

#4 Donald Trump And Obama with Queen Elizabeth-II

Donald Trump, wife with Queen Elizabeth-II.

Obama couple with Queen Elizabeth-II.

#5 Trump And Obama

While President Trump was busy protecting his wig from the wind.

Obama was helping the elderly.

#6 Donald Trump Vs Barack Obama: Kids Reaction

Girl scared of standing near trump.

The same girl is happy to hug Obama.

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#7 President Trump Vs Obama: With Pope

The Pope is also not as happy with Trump.

..With Obama.

#8 Donald Trump Vs Barack Obama: Rainy Season

Trump shielding himself from getting wet in the rain.

Obama giving priority to others in rain.

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