What If Someone's Wife Is Hot And Beautiful? Should Husband Afraid?

What If Someone's Wife Is Hot And Beautiful? Should He Afraid?

What will happen if someone's wife is hot and so beautiful? Should a husband afraid of? See, this question is very complicated, but if you look at it from the perspective of today's society, then it is the concern of many husbands. Here you mean beautiful and fair skin, and all you can understand is an old saying. Is it that men will remain men? There is hardly any man in the world who will not have any attraction towards the woman. There is no problem with this attraction, and it is natural. There is a problem when this attraction takes the form of insolence.

Well, let me answer your question directly. There is no harm to the beautiful wife, there are just some things that you will not like as a husband --

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Your milkman ( who will given you milk in morning) will probably try to stand at your door for a long time.

The neighborhood shop will not bother to borrow.

Street boys will do more rounds around your house.

When your wife goes to the terrace drying clothes, those people will also come to the roof, who never get out of their room.

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Guests will come home for no reason.

But You don't have any need to worry about all this as long as you have full faith in your wife. Trust is the foundation of a husband's wife's relationship. Doubt destroys the house by playing well, so stay away from it.

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