Why is there no Noble prize in mathematics?

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Why is there no Noble prize in mathematics? The Nobel Prize for Mathematics could not start due to the burning of this woman’s lust. There is a very interesting funny story in this regard, which you all should know.

Photo: Sophie Hiss

The name of this woman is Sophie Hiss. It used to see accounts in a flower shop in Vienna. One day Alfred Nobel also went to his shop to buy some flowers. Then she was 20 years old while Nobel was 43 years old. It was a very cool, open, beautiful, athletic and quick-moving woman.

At first sight, it was liked by Alfred Nobel. Although he never married her but it was declared his mistress. Alfred Nobel had a lot of money, so he arranged for all the happiness to be present in his life.

How can you control yourself if you are married and find someone other than your spouse attractive?

But despite all this, it never held loyalty to Alfred. It had a very unsteady mind, acclaimed as a self-effacing, bellow, cool woman who praised herself day by day, debauched by many men.

At the same time, there was a well-known mathematician in Sweden.

Photo: Mittag Leffler (1846-1927)

His name was Gosta Mittag Leffler aka Magnus Gustaf a well-known mathematician from Gösta, Sweden and it is said that knowing that Sophie is Alfred’s mistress, he became close to Sophie and slowly the two became so close that Sophie He started betraying Alfred and started living like Gosta’s mistress. Meanwhile, it is important to know that even then Alfred Nobel was taking all the expenses of Sophie.

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This thing went to Alfred Nobel exasperating and the biggest problem arose when he thought of giving the Nobel to mathematicians even after tolerating everything, Longo said that the best mathematician of that time is Gosta, so he should be found.

This thing was out of tolerance for Alfred Nobel, so he turned the Nobel of Mathematics into a noble of the peace effort.

After knowing how many men are related, Sophie announced that she is from the womb. And when the father of that child was discussed, Sophie accepted the name of a Hungarian officer. After this, the officer resigned from his post after getting caught in such a huge scandal.

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In this way, in the fire of lust of a lustful woman, the dream of Nobel of mathematics was also burnt. Meanwhile, the funniest thing happened is that despite all this, Alfred Nobel left a small part of his property in his will in the name of Sophie.

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