10 World’s Most Heartbreaking Photos In The Last 50 Years

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These are some pictures which are very sad to see. I hope that these pictures will definitely make you think. Here are the ten world’s most heartbreaking photos in the last 50 years, Award-Winning Photos, Breath Taking Pictures till today –

Let’s see some World’s Most Heartbreaking Photos Ever In The Last 50 Years Till Yet Today —

#1 A.C.A.B – All Cops All Bastards

A girl is being dragged across the street by the military army men, who have ripped all her clothes, the girl is half-naked, yet they are not stopping. See this picture of humanitarianism.

#2 Turkey Gezi Park protests

A wave of demonstrations and civil unrest in Turkey began on 28 May 2013, initially to contest the urban development plan for Istanbul’s Taksim Gezi Park. Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in Turkey to protest Erdogan’s authoritarian policies.

Photo: Turkey Gezi Park protests

#3 Got Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News Photography

Trump Vs Obama: Pictures that Illustrate the Difference Between USA Presidents

The Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News Photography is one of the American Pulitzer Prizes annually awarded for journalism. It is rated Number 1 in all visitor surveys every single year.

Pulitzer Prize Photo by Carol Guzy

#4 Final Embrace By Taslima Akhter

Final Embrace is a photograph showing two victims in the rubble of the April 2013 collapse of the eight-storey Rana Plaza building in Savar Upazila, Bangladesh. The photograph, taken by freelance photographer Taslima Akhter, who was awarded third prize in the World Press Photo third prize in the ‘spot news category’.

#5 2011 Tohoku Japan Earthquake And Tsunami

The 2011 earthquake off the Pacific coast of Tōhoku was a magnitude 9.0–9.1 undersea megathrust earthquake off the coast of Japan that occurred on Friday 11 March 2011.

Photo: Japan Tsunami 2011

#6 Biplab Hazra: Hell Is Here

2017 – Biplab Hazra’s photo of elephants being attacked by Mob which wins Sanctuary prize.

Photo By Biplab Hazra elephants being attacked by Mob

#7 Family Separation At The Border

A photo which went viral over the internet of Family Separation by Trump administration family separation policy.

Photo: Family Separation At The Border (United States)

#8 Massoud Hossaini Pulitzer Prize Photo

This photo by Afgan photographer Massoud Hossaini, of a 12-year-old girl screaming after a suicide bombing, won the 2012 Pulitzer Prize.

#9 Terri Gurrola Reunited With Daughter

Major Terri Gurrola is reunited with her daughter after serving in Iraq for 7 months.

#10 When World’s Last Male Northern White Rhino Dies

Joseph Wachira, 26, comforts Sudan, the last male Northern White Rhino on the planet, the moment before he passed away in March.

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