Avril Lavigne Shared A Heartfelt Message To Her Fans Because Of Coronavirus

Avril Lavigne Shared A Heartfelt Message To Her Fans Because Of Coronavirus

Avril Lavigne Head Above Water Tour 2020: Avril Lavigne shared a heartfelt message to her fans and all people that the dates of Head Above Water Tour have been canceled because of Coronavirus, Travel ban in the United States, and Europe, United Kingdom. Look at the message she shared with her fans with her post on Instagram.

Avril Lavigne Head Above Water Tour 2020 Important Announcement ---

As you all are aware, governments across Europe have continued to impose restrictions banning large public gatherings because of the continued spread of the coronavirus. Now the United States of America has implemented its own travel ban.

With these restrictions in place it means that I am no longer able to bring the Head Above Water Tour to Europe and the United Kingdom. And it sucks! I have been looking forward to this tour for so long.

For the opportunity to reconnect with my amazing, supportive fans. My main concern continues to be your health and safety and I want to come back and rock out with you at another time when everyone can enjoy the shows without worry.

Sending you all so much love ❤️

- Avril lavigne

The Head Above Water Tour 2020 already been organized in Seattle, Portland, Oakland, Los Angeles, Chicago, Minneapolis, Detroit, New York, Boston, Wallingford cities and states.

Avril was all ready to take her tour from the United States to Europe and Japan, China and Southeast Asia. Captioned an image Avril detailed the tour dates, she stated -- "More Head Above Water Worldwide tour dates has been added !! More European dates added and upgraded a bunch of venues. Here are some Japan dates and more Asia dates also coming soon !!!


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But unfortunately, because of the Coronavirus Outbreak, the journey Head Above Water Tour 2020 in Japan, China, and Asian countries seems to be canceled.

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