Drake Uploaded New Song War: Watch Video


Drake Uploaded New Song War Watch Official Video: Drake is back with a new soundtrack as “War,” uploaded on Youtube and other platforms to listen on this Christmas 2019. The song is included on a new mixtape from one of his frequent collaborators Oliver El-Khatib called EL-KUUMBA TAPE VOL. 1. Know more about El-Kuumba Tape Vol down below. It’s the latest loosie in a year in which Drake has pretty much only released loosies, including the compilation album Care Package that collected all of his loosies from over the past years in one convenient place. You can listen to EL-KUUMBA TAPE VOL. 1 by Oliver El-Khatib on SoundCloud and know more about it.

Drake Released New Song War on Christmas 2019: On the War song track, Drake addresses his rumored feud with the Weeknd after the Weeknd appeared to allude to Drake’s baby drama in a track earlier this year. It appears that the two boys have made up: “Yeah, we just had to fix things, family, Six tings, we can’t split up,” Drake raps. In the end, Drake delivers lyrical jabs at his haters praying for his downfall.

The song’s music video, which was directed by Theo Skudra, finds Drake at a seasonally appropriate ski resort.

Listen to Drake New Song War Video down below-

Drake New Song War Watch Video (Official Video)

Drake's War Song Details

Director - Theo Skudra
Executive Producer - Christian Tyler
Produced by - Jason Aita, Jacqueline de Niverville, and Kit Weyman
Associate Producer - Teo Weyman
Production Coordinator - Alex Dall'Orso
DOP - Ali Khurshid
1st Assistant - Camera Nick Petrie
1st Assistant Camera - Johann Montreuil
2nd Assistant Camera - Vy Nguyen
Stills Photography - Norman Wong
Camera Trainees - Duy Nguyen, Christopher Yeun
Gaffer - Alex Poutiainen
Best Boy - Guillaume Cottin
Key Grip - Martin Kenji
Best Boy - Maachi Kulpa
Camera Vehicle Tech - Bob Harper
Flight Head Tech - Bernard Van Speyk
Balloon Tech - Pratik Bhakri
Art Director - Alexa Hollingsworth
Art Assistant - Brooke Gangbar
Gobar Falanger - Chadwick Starr
Production Assistant - Cameron Frengopoulos, Patrick Sue Chan, Jaiden Davis Jones, Jivana Basra, Connor Anderson

Production Company: Colossale

Film Processed at FotoKem Los Angeles
Senior Dailies Producer: Mary Chamberlain

Special Thanks to Robert Murdoch, Michael MacPherson, Colorlab, Frame Discreet

Drake War Song Lyrics

Drake War Song Lyrics -


why I

hey I'll cop things for a reset don't do

i clap don't do email feds wanna type of

man and wild man like chubs it be - back

when ricky was doing up tees that I was

doing dinner with TZ I didn't trust no

one so I got like he's got to freezing

me cold never move Nick he sweats to

Nike sweat suit PG it might get be key

ring ring call up GG doing my melee you

should look up to a man from certain

hands with shooting on repeat thought he

was a bad boy into a man got pinched him

and went PC man went PC just like that

Len windows some man Pindos before I was

never around Kendall's I was in his door

treating our pencils the woman I do end

up way it has to be a back out just like

Munchie can't have no pretentious ting

when I know this road gets bumpy where

to the broski Jay he got different names

and different countries three laps and a

whip and we beat that case where I'm at

left way too comfy I don't do well with

people making dishes and making threats

well a man got thrown like private jets

for way way less a nature I get one

count on us ever since then it's been

stressed cuz you know the rest I'm whole

you one and we always pay them pets

Wassa Wassa just like the cronies press

on three no pasa

l'ainte with skull and cousin Jamie hard

we def on Gaza

Pasha Sasha pissed I was way too young

at the time for slashings you need to

spend too much time on captions not

enough time on action pick one man with

slaps that's wrapping up potatoes no

clashes there he'll be pouch on chest is

just for fashion it's just acting

are you done much stupid the wheels on

the roses cromoz headshot dormers just

checked in at a hotel floor that we all

got Paul

over your EXO link-up Magnum train

called me and the trailers talking

sticks and cash and baka cheapy and good

luck and the boy that sound like he's

saying Arthur Lowe you know what I spin

my nigga yeah we just had to fix things

family six things we can't split up as

for the rest of the game I'll do man

thirty and then I get to time to me

that's just outside I don't really care

who rides on whose side bring ten shots

to the poolside never seen none of these

grown man outside for 301 won't spare no

one niggas gotta know about South Side

stepping out a lot got a whole line

ain't no I'm tired upstate side bringing

man down when it takes times trying to

get saved by the felt like Bayside

Prince I carried that last name that

shit stays on me like brand names judges

lined up brand new headings and nice guy

on my team everyone I know has cold

names anyone I'm feeling withers and no

name niggas can't even win home games

they just gotta fall in like so true




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