How Kanye West feels about Kim Kardashian kissing Pete Davidson

Kim Kardashian‘s Saturday Night Live hosting gig has been met with all kinds of reception.

One on hand, Kim received backlash from the sister of the late Nicole Brown for making a joke that was “insensitive” about her death and O.J. Simpson. However, on the other hand, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star received tons of praise for her performance on the sketch show, with most people applauding her for her ability to not take herself too seriously.

Though the opinions of the Saturday Night Live performance are on polarizing ends, the opinion of one person, in particular, seems to be of the utmost importance especially considering the fact that he saw his soon-to-be ex-wife lock lips with someone else.

How does Kanye West feel about everything? We tell you down below.

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How does Kanye West feel about Kim Kardashian kissing Pete Davidson?

The Sun reports that, regarding the kiss shared between Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, Kanye West feels rather unbothered, having found the entire sketch “completely fine.” A source told the media outlet:

Kanye has no hurt feelings whatsoever about Kim kissing Pete Davidson. She told him about it before the show and he thought it was really funny.

With this in mind, it is safe to assume that the two have been doing better in terms of communication and being honest with how they feel, especially when it comes to their respective love lives or the potential of a new lover.

As we know, Kanye West briefly dated his longtime friend Irina Shayk earlier this year. When the news initially broke out, it was reported Kim had no feelings of resentment or bitterness regarding the relationship and just wanted him to be happy.

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Because of this as well as the recent report about Pete Davidson, we know now that both parties are no longer romantically involved with one another and don’t seem to mind if the other goes off in a new relationship.

It doesn’t seem like Kim is looking to date anyone right now, but once she is ready to take that next step, hopefully Kanye is as accepting as he was with the Saturday Night Live


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