Is Malaika Arora Said ‘Yes’ to marry Arjun Kapoor? Truth Revealed

Is it a Yes for Arjun Kapoor? Actress Malaika Arora said, “Its a YES” on Instagram.

Bollywood beauty, model Malaika Arora and hero Arjun Kapoor have been in love and in controversy for the past few years.

Recently, it is known that these two are ready to get married. The post shared by Malaika goes viral. 

Malaika Arora is an actress, dancer, model and yoga trainer in Bollywood. It is known that this sexy bombshell, who is a carafe of hot beauties, has been dating young hero Arjun Kapoor for some time now.

They are the craziest lovebirds of Bollywood. Wherever they go, they go together openly. Almost openly making love. 

It is known that these two have been in love since 2016. Many couples are getting married in Bollywood. But when they will get married, it seems that they are finally getting ready for the wedding.

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Malaika Arora has clarified this matter recently, comments are heard. It can be said that the reason is her post. 

On Instagram, Malaika said, “I Said yes”. Love Emojis shared. She shared emojis with rings.

With this, opinions are being expressed that Malaika S asked Arjun Kapoor to marry her.

Along with this, Bollywood celebrities are responding to Malaika’s post and congratulating her. They also share love emojis.

With this, it is known that Malaika and Arjun’s relationship is going to be official. There is an opinion that these two are going to get married soon.

It is known that soon this couple is going to take seven steps, and in the background of Bollywood couples getting married in a row, this couple is also going to officially become one with the marriage bond.

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This has now become a hot topic in Bollywood media. It will go viral on social media.

Meanwhile, another version is also heard. They say that this is just a stunt done for some brand promotion.

Recently, celebrities have been doing things differently for their brands, movies and new projects for promotion.

Did Malaika do the same? Or are you really going to get married?

It became interesting. And the truth has been revealed.

On revealing, Malaika posted after hours on Instagram, captioning, …I said YES to @disneyplushotstar for my new reality show #HotstarSpecials #MovinginwithMalaika where you will get to see me up close and personal, like never before. Umm, wait, what did you guys think I was talking about?Streaming from 5th Dec! #MIMonHotstar”

So it was for just a promotional stunt by Malaika for her new Hotstar reality show “Moving With Malaika” which will be available for streaming from 5 December 2022 only on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Meanwhile, Arjun Kapoor, who recently participated in the ‘Koffee with Karan‘ show, responded on his marriage. He said that he is not planning to get married now. He said that he could not do films due to Corona, time has passed and now he is fully focused on his career.

He said that work makes him happy and he can make his spouse happy only if he is happy. This raises doubts about Malaika’s statement. Currently, Arjun is busy acting in films like “Kutty”, “The Lady Killer” and “Meri Patni Ka Remake”.

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