Kanye West officially unfollows Kim Kardashian on Instagram

Just when we thought that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were finally back on good terms, it seems the pair have taken three steps back and are might be heading towards the path where they aren’t speaking once again.

Earlier this year, the two hit a very rough patch in their union shortly after the February announcement of their divorce. Kardashian didn’t appreciate the lack of communication from West nor was she too keen on how the musician would barely see their children. And on the same note, Kanye West still held a grudge towards Kim Kardashian for filing for divorce in the first place.

Though it took some time, these two were able to overcome not speaking to one another and were even seen out in public together having a seeming civil time a few months later.

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Unfortunately, it looks like we may no longer see the two out in public for a while because Kanye West has officially done what everyone thought he would never do–unfollow Kim Kardashian on Instagram.

Why did Kanye West unfollow Kim Kardashian on Instagram?

According to US Weekly, the somber unfollowing came after the Grammy-Award musician’s controversial lyric in his song “Hurricane” where he all but confessed he was unfaithful in his marriage with Kim Kardashian. Initially, we were told that the KKW Beauty founder had no issue with this lyric, but it seems that healed wounds began to open up again, causing even more strain on their already strenuous relationship.

“[Kanye] is alluding to all the problems he caused in his and Kim’s marriage”, an insider revealed. “[His music] is a testimony about everything that went wrong and [is about] him taking accountability.”

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It’s likely that in West taking the blame for the fall of the marriage, he, in turn, caused even more tension in the relationship, leading to the unfollow. However, he isn’t the only one making big changes on his social media.

Though Kim Kardashian still follows her ex-husband on Instagram, she has taken down many pictures of West including the adorable birthday shoutout to the rapper where she proclaimed that she loved him for life. This removal of pictures is making many think that the two are heading towards the path of no return and we couldn’t be any more gutted at the thought of the pair no longer being friends.

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We’re hoping that the two can get their friendship back on the right track and be cordial enough to, at least, support one another like Kim did during the Donda listening parties. After all, they were friends for years before dating and it would be a shame to see this beautiful union turn sour for good. Fingers crossed for some positive news regarding the two soon.

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