Kim Kardashian accused of ripping off Kourtney and Megan Fox photo idea

Kim Kardashian almost broke the internet yet again this week, but instead of posting sexy photos of herself to Instagram, this time she actually highlighted her big sister Kourtney and friend Megan Fox. The two new BFFs posed in underwear for Kim’s latest SKIMS campaign photoshoot, and it certainly got everyone’s attention.

Kourtney and Megan have grown very close ever since they started dating Travis Barker and Machine Gun Kelly, respectively, especially now that public events have opened up again. We’ve seen them together at UFC fights, as well as more recently at the MTV Video Music Awards where they even presented their boyfriends’ performance together.

Fans have been loving Kourt and Megan’s friendship, and Kim decided to capitalize on that with her new photoshoot. But while the steamy photos garnered a ton of attention, likes, and comments, a few people aren’t too happy with the photoshoot. This is because they believe Kim stole one of the photo ideas.

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Did Kim Kardashian copy Draya Michele and Tanaya Henry?

According to Page Six, Draya Michele spoke out against the photoshoot on her Instagram Story, reposting two photos of herself and Tanaya Henry in a similar pose to one of the SKIMS photos. If you scroll to the last pic in Kim’s post above, you’ll see Kourtney feeding Megan cherries as they sit across from each other on the floor.

In one of Draya’s photos, you can see her feeding cherries to Tanaya, while the two sit across from each other on the couch. The resemblance of the two photos is hard to ignore, and it’s not just Draya who believes Kim stole the idea. You can see all the photos in one tweet here.

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Kim’s former friend Kristen Noel Crawley was the first person to share the photo of Draya and Tanaya to her Instagram Story, which is the one Draya reposted. She wrote, “Black women are always the blueprint, and don’t you forget it.”

Kim, Kourtney, and Megan have all stayed quiet on this accusation, but a picture’s worth a million words. Whether Kim purposefully ripped Draya and Tanaya off now remains the question.

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