Kristen Bell Face Used on 'Deepfake' Porn Videos, I Was Shocked

Kristen Bell Face Used on Deepfake Porn Videos She is Shocked

American actress, singer, Kristen Bell -- real name Kristen Anne Bell -- recently got known that her face is being used on several deepfake pornographic videos circulating over the internet. said -- "I was just shocked because this is my face. Belongs to me! "

As they are known as 'Deepfake' porn videos got attention by husband Dex Shepard and shocked Kristen when she learned of their widespread existence.

Bell also spoke about the revelation and her reaction to these pornographic videos, including the recent focus on the topic of consent.

What are the Deepfake videos? A “Deepfake” video refers to one in which some other person's face is fixed to the body of another individual to make it appear like they are in a video.

Kristen Bell Deepfakes Videos: Said --- She was just shocked because this was her face. Belongs to her! … It was hard to think about, that she was being exploited.

Often they involve popular celebrities and made to look like they are engaging in explicit or sexual activities.

In the instance of Kristen, a Fox News report, a 2019 Deeptrace study said that 96% of those videos involving her face were pornographic.

Likewise, The actress talked to Vox about learning that her face appeared in explicit videos, saying, “I was just shocked because this is my face. Belongs to me! … It’s hard to think about, that I’m being exploited.

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Similar to Bell’s case, 96% of deep fake videos come from the porn industry, where nearly all of these video clips have used celebrities' identities without their consent.

Starred in television’s The Good Place and House of Lies, Kristen said, "It is not okay that the videos used her face without her consent."

Meanwhile, the deepfake videos also has disclaimers that are saying it’s not actress Kristen Bell appearing in them. She believes the Internet could be “more responsible and a little bit kinder.”

With the recent incident, her face appearing in pornographic deepfake videos, Bell felt that she could use her voice to bring awareness.

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